DIY Laundry Storage Shelves

When we started working on the laundry room in our new house, I wanted to figure out a better way to utilize the space. In our last house we had a laundry closet, not an actual room, so this extra space seemed like such a luxury that we should take advantage of.

Originally, our washer and dryer were spaced out toward the sides of the room, with extra space in between.

Those shelves near the window were incredibly flimsy, so those came down immediately. We decided it would be better to shift the washer and dryer toward the interior wall to free up that space under the window to be something functional.

When we told discussed what sort of functionality we'd like to have in the space, I told my personal carpenter sweet husband I'd like a countertop under the window for folding clothes. I figured we could just run a shelf from wall to wall that would occupy the space in the niche. 

After doing some measuring, we decided we could fit two shelves in the space to give us double the storage. I told the husband that I didn't care what materials he used (other than I wanted the shelves to be made of wood), but that he should try to do it as cheaply as possible. After all, we were going for function over form with these shelves. 

He went to Home Depot to figure out what supplies he might use, and he came home with 4 shelf brackets and six cedar pickets. I wasn't surprised he came home with cedar because he has loved the smell ever since he built the cedar fence at our first house.

DIY Cedar Shelves

All in all, the supplies for these shelves cost us about $28.

Three planks were placed next to one another and braced on each end with a horizontal plank, like so:


Once they were mounted to the brackets, we didn't feel they were sturdy enough so we reinforced them with wooden bracing underneath using the cedar scraps.

To make the shelves look a bit more finished, he added some 3" trim around each shelf using extra cedar from the planks.

For $28, we were able to maximize the functionality in our laundry room by making the dead space into something useful. Once the thrift store baskets and DIY dog silhouettes were added, they became an even better feature!

I normally do laundry on Saturdays, so today was my first time to use the shelves and hanging rack for their intended purposes. I am so happy with the functionality.

Also, how cute are the artificial pear stems I found for $2 at Target? You know I have a thing for pears (see: pear tablescape and pear painting), so of course I couldn't resist. 

That wraps up our laundry room project! I'm taking a business trip to NYC this week, so forgive the silence on the blog. Have to pay the bills! :)

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