DIY Dog Silhouettes

When I found these small vintage frames at the flea market, I originally planned to replace the art with a few of our favorite Instagram photos. But then I spotted these dog silhouettes over at the Little Green Notebook and knew that would be even better for these little frames.

I recruited my best friend to help me take a profile picture of each pup, which proved to be harder than I thought.

There were dog bones involved. And lots of patience.

Because I'm a bit lazy and wanted to do this project quickly, I chose to freehand the silhouettes once I [finally] had decent profile views of both. However, this great tutorial from Park House Love shows you a way to do it if you're not confident in your drawing skills.

I studied each dog's photo to figure out what the differences were between the two, making sure I could emphasize them in my sketch. That way it would be obvious– and obvious as it can be when your pups are similar looking– when people saw the silhouettes. What did I conclude? Both Rory and Shiner has similar snouts and ears, but Rory is a big heftier and has a thicker neck/chest. And this whole pet silhouette thing would be easier if our dogs had ears that showed from the side!

I used a white colored pencil to sketch the faces on black construction paper. Once I was satisfied that the sketches looked accurate, I cut them out with scissors and glued them on top of a piece of scrapbook paper with subtle texture. Then I put them inside the vintage frames I had already taken apart and cleaned out. (They were beyond dusty and pretty gross. A thorough cleaning was in order.)

To say that I love these silhouettes is an understatement. They are tied with the striped tile floor as my favorite touch in the new laundry room. I just love to see my little furbabies looking oh-so-classy on the wall. So dignified, those two.

So what was the cost for this artwork? I payed $2 for each frame at the flea market, and the paper used for the silhouettes was from my personal stash. I think $4 is pretty great for some custom artwork that makes us smile every time we grab our car keys!

What do you think? Would you frame your pet's silhouette as decor, or do you think we're overly obsessed with our little nuggets? (Yes, we call them nuggets. And yes, you're allowed to roll your eyes. But what's not to love about these faces?!)

DIY Dog Fence Window

I'll be back soon to explain how the husband built those storage shelves in the laundry room from cedar fence planks. Stay tuned!

* Nuggets Go Classy *

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