A Little Sunday Flea Marketing

Yesterday I made a day trip to one of my favorite shopping destinations, Canton's First Monday Trade Days. I met up with a friend who moved to East Texas, and we blissfully shopped the day away. The weather was wonderful, and the vendors were willing to bargain. Couldn't have asked for better conditions!

I didn't set out to find anything in particular, but of course I came away with a few random treasures.

My first purchase was this $25 mirror. I'm always a fan of windowpane mirrors, and this one was big and heavy for only $25. It already found a home on the mantel in the den, although I'm undecided about whether I want to paint it. Not sure I'm digging that rusty finish...

(It looks like it's busted in this photo, but that's actually the mirror behind it that's broken.)

This was my most random purchase of the day, a $20 set of vintage wooden water skis. What am I going to do with them? No idea! I've seen a lot of cool ideas on Pinterest, though. I was charmed by the typography and graphics. If only the husband's team mascot was an eagle– that would be perfect. They would be great for a little boy's nursery or a lake house. Of course we don't have a little boy or a lake house, but I bought them anyway. Cue husband rolling his eyes.

That old window next to the skis was the last thing I bought, and I really love it. The other side is a grey color that's actually more interesting than the white side showing in this photo. The dealer was asking $25 for it, but he agreed to my $15 offer. It's already looking very charming in our laundry room. (Phase III of the laundry room makeover coming soon, by the way.)

This tiny lucite "G" practically begged to come home with me. It literally fell off a shelf right in front of my feet while my friend was looking at something else. Of course, I had to have it. The dealer gave me both of these G's for $10.

We were winding down for the day when I spotted these interesting octagonal frames with round mats. I have never seen that shape combo before for a photo frame, and I liked the sage/grey color of the mats. I paid $4 for the set.

My plan is to remove the artwork and replace it with two of my favorite Instagram photos. These are also going in the laundry room as part of Phase III of the makeover!

That's all I bought yesterday, but I did snap a few photos of a cute booth that had some interesting DIY ideas. Check out this re-purposed turbine vent light fixture!

If you look closely, you can see this dining table is just a vintage yellow cart on casters with a glass top. Cool idea, right?

And last but not least, my favorite dog-lays-in-stroller-while-wearing-a-visor photo of the day:

As always, we had a wonderful time treasure hunting in Canton. I could wander around that giant flea market all day– it's definitely my idea of a great day!

So, have you found any good treasures lately?

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