In Progess: Laundry Room Redo

My dad made a very bad mistake this past week. He and my mom were planning to visit, and he offered to help us with a home project since the husband is too busy with work to take on any renovations right now. He specifically said something like, "I can do some of that stuff Scott doesn't have time to do, like tiling..."

Big mistake, Dad. You can't toss me a softball like that and expect me not to swing, you know?

Poor guy. Before he knew it, he was tiling our laundry room!

First of all, let me introduce you to the ugliest room in our house that also happens to get the heaviest traffic because it serves as our primary entrance in from the garage. When we walk in from the garage, this is what we see, complete with laundry hanging from the hooks. Keeping it real...

And when we walk out to the garage, this is what we see.

Gorgeous, right? That white tile absolutely drives me NUTS. It looks very dated, plus it always looks dirty. Who thought bright white floor tiles were a good idea? Not me!

Though it's nice to actually have a laundry room instead of a laundry closet like our last house, there are so many things about this room that I dislike:

• Dark beige trim & cabinets
• Yellow-y doors with 1980s gold doorknobs
• Partially painted walls (I guess the previous owners ran out of gas on this project.)
• Useless shelves that aren't sturdy enough to hold anything
• Window shade that blocks all the natural light
• Bad overhead lighting

All of these negatives combine to create a room that is really dark, dated and unappealing. And since we go in and out that door  several times a day, we really wanted to update this room. Once my dad offered to tile for us, I quickly decided Labor Day was a good weekend for a laundry room makeover!

I really wanted to do something interesting with the tile, so I decided to lay the tile in a striped pattern. It seemed like a small laundry room would be the perfect place for something fun like that. I  wanted this room to have a lot of personality even though it's just a laundry room.

When we want to buy tile, we usually go straight to our local Floor & Decor store. Once we got there, we started looking for affordable tile that would give us the tonal stripes we wanted on the floor. We tried a bunch of different options, but we knew we had a winner once we saw the Oslo Bianco porcelain tile ($1.79/sq ft) and Oslo Gris. Here's how they looked when we laid them on the floor in the store:

We only needed about 100 sq. ft. of tile, so we bought 3 boxes of each color for a total of 96 sq ft. We also bought some thinset, grout and 1/16 inch spacers so that we had everything my dad needed for his tile job. We chose the 1/16 inch spacers because we wanted as small a grout line as possible.

We worked on this room nonstop this weekend, and we still aren't close to finishing. Who knew such a small room would be so much work?

These are the tasks we need to take care of in this room:
(* means that task has already been finished, ~ means it is started but not finished)

- Lay the tile in the striped pattern*
- Apply grout*
- Paint cabinets*
- Replace cabinet knobs*
- Replace cabinet hinges*
- Remove corner shelves *
- Patch wall holes*
- Replace baseboards
- Replace transition piece from tile to hardwood floors~
- Paint walls~
- Paint trim~
- Paint 3 doors~
- Replace two light fixtures

Now that I've written all that out, I can see why we didn't get it all finished this weekend. It seemed like such a doable list when I compiled it in my head, but each part took longer than I anticipated. Turns out that painting a beige room white requires a lot of coats of paint. UGH!

I tried a few new handy-woman tasks this weekend, so that was pretty cool. It was my first time grouting and my first time operating the paint sprayer (Scott usually does it). I was also wielding a power drill for most of the weekend, unscrewing hinges and shelves and all sorts of good stuff. As a result of all that manual labor, my arms are so tired!

Since we're only halfway done with the project, I'm not ready to show a ton of pictures yet. Here's a sneak peek at how the tile is looking. I LOVE it!

We're hoping to get it completely finished this coming weekend. I'm going with white paint on the walls, cabinets and trim, so we have to apply a lot of coats to cover the beige/tan color. The goal is to make the room feel fresh and clean– appropriate for a laundry room, right?

Follow the laundry room progress on Instagram under @JordanG106!

So, did you work on any projects this holiday weekend, or were you one of the lucky ones out on the ocean somewhere? If you had a cocktail in your hand while you lounged by a body of water, I am incredibly jealous!

* LABOR Day Reno *

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