2013 Fall Home Tour

Autumn has arrived at our house! Things are feeling pretty warm and cozy in here with just a few simple additions to our normal decor.

It all started with my new herb garden in the dining room (more on the actual garden in a later post). My thrifted brass container warms up the arrangement already, but I decided to take it to pumpkin patch territory by throwing in some fake mini pumpkins from Michaels.

I also took our my table runner made of branches (Threshold for Target, 2012) to add another rustic touch. I placed a few garage sale gourds (I got 17 dried gourdsfor $5!) on the top shelf of my china cabinet, along with some faux cotton branches (Target) in the mercury glass vases. 

We have some new dining chairs, too! My mom bought me this set at a Wisteria warehouse sale and had her upholstery guy cover them in some of my favorite geometric fabric. They now anchor the ends of the table, and the other chairs have been moved to flank the china cabinet. I warmed up the chairs with some silky copper polka dot pillows I bought at my neighbor's garage sale.

Then I moved to the formal living room.  I kept it super simple in there, adding a few more garage sale gourds to the dresser and some fake pumpkins to my bowl of pears on the coffee table. 

Then it was on to the kitchen. I bought these ceramic pumpkins at the Wisteria warehouse sale last year, so I was eager to put them to use this season. I tucked them into my open shelving for a subtle touch of fall. 

Over at the kitchen table, I surrounded my plant centerpiece with more fake mini pumpkins. (Love those things!) 

And just for kicks, I tossed a fake pumpkin in my cake stand. Cue husband eye roll. I couldn't help myself; it's just so darn cute!

Next it was on to the den, the room where we spend most of our time. I grabbed a blank white canvas from the garage and painted on my favorite word in gold craft paint. Of course it's appropriate for the fall season, but it can work year round. Once more I used those garage sale gourds and some fake pumpkins to add some tonal texture to the mantel. 

A green textured thrift store pillow and my brown chevron throw replaced the blue blanket and pillow we had in the hearth basket, and I tossed a few more pumpkins on the hearth. I painted that G on the Michaels craft pumpkin a few years ago, and it's still going strong. 

Lastly I tossed a few yellow thrift store pillows on the couch to add another dose of seasonal color. It's so easy to swap out pillows!

At this point I had completely forgotten about my front door, so I decided to throw something together with the fall decor I had left. I had three faux pumpkins left, so I threw those out there by the plant and "autumnized" my boxwood wreath by pinning on a few colorful faux leaves. 

It only took a couple hours to make some easy decor changes and usher in our favorite season. The weather actually dipped into the 70s in Dallas/Forth Worth this past weekend, which was enough for me to buy my first Pumpkin Spice Latte and drag out the boxes of fall decor! I'm sure we'll be back in the 90s by the end of this week but that slight break in the heat was all I needed.

In case you're wondering, I am just not really a fan of Halloween decor so I skip that altogether and go straight for the pumpkins. Skeletons and gory stuff just aren't my thing– I even avoid scary movies.  I'm sure the husband is grateful that I don't spend more money decorating for two different seasons this time of year, too. Bonus wife points!

So, have you busted out your fall decor yet, or do you have your Halloween stuff up?

* Everything's coming up roses pumpkins. *

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  1. I love this time of year too! I always decorate on the first day of fall :)

  2. I like all your fall touches. I've also decorated already. I repurposed some of my accents with the magic of spray paint and have an entirely new look. The only Halloween decoration I ever put out is a cute little ceramic ghost that has the happiest expression on his face. I'm with you. I don't care for all the other stuff!

    1. Thanks Sherri! I'm all for a cute ghost– I just don't like gory stuff!

  3. My favorite is your Thankful sign over the fireplace. So pretty!

    I also do not do Halloween decor, especially inside my house. I do like one idea I've seen on pinterest with witches' hats hanging from fishing line on a front porch.

    1. Thanks Angela! That witches hat idea does sound pretty cute... I'll have to look for it on Pinterest.

  4. Please tell me where you got that awesome light in your kitchen--the one that's all angles and awesomeness:)

    1. Hilary, I bought it at a flea market. I'm pretty sure it's vintage. I've seen similar ones around though so I bet you could find one!

  5. So pretty. I am in love with the pear painting(?) on those tiles… can you give me so more info about that?

    1. Sure! You can read my post about it here. http://www.thehappyhomebodies.com/2013/01/art-fire.html

      It is a painting, but I traced tiles to get that look! It's one of my favorite pieces now.

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  7. These decoration ideas are so cute. I specially love your idea about decorating the den along with canvas and pumpkins, it so adorable.
    I'll be definitely incorporating these at my place!

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