Thrifting, Randoms & Happy Weekend

Last Saturday the husband left early for work while I slept in (bliss!). About 10 seconds later, I received a text message from him that said, "Garage sale on our street. Looks like decent stuff."

I slept in a little bit longer before walking down the street to the garage sale. I got some fun stuff!

1 braided jute rug
2 mongolian lamb pillows
2 silk polka dot pillows
1 Anthropologie polar bear stuffed animal
2 deer antlers
14 dried gourds tied into garland

My friend bought those two pillows on top of the rug, which were also filled with down feathers and very nice! All in all, we spent $50.

Later that day, the same house that was having the garage sale put a bunch of free stuff on the curb, including a busted up bench and matching chair and two wicker reindeer. I can't pass up free!

Last night I took a friend to the thrift store. (Lately all of my out of town friends want me to take them to my thrift store when they visit, which totally cracks me up.) Since I have a brother named Todd who happens to live in Texas, I could resist this 75 cent treasure!

Seems like there are a lot of good Labor Day Sales this weekend!

• Extra 50% off clearance at World Market
• Up to 50% outdoor furniture/decor at Pier 1
• 25% off Anthropologie's home stuff

What do you have planned this weekend? My parents are coming to visit, so I'm planning to put them to work on a home project. I'm thinking we'll revamp the laundry room! I'll be back on Monday to share our progress!

* Have a Great Weekend *

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