RB House: Living Room Plans

On Monday I told about my new project, which I'm going to call the RB House. I met with the homeowners tonight and we've got a vision for the first room on the list, the living room!

RB House: Living Room

OK, let's start with the room as it looks right now, which includes the sofa, rug, recliner, coffee table and giant elk head in the image above.

Isn't it a cool space?! I am in love with the high ceilings and amazing windows on both sides of the room.  The homeowners have already done a lot of work in here. They replaced all the windows, put down new hardwood floors and painted the walls and brick. The also boxed over the planters on either side of the front door so that they can be used as window seats. They even added those awesome barn doors leading into the dining room.

They have a really nice sofa, recliner and rug (all from Pottery Barn) that we're going to keep. They also want to keep the coffee table since it provides good storage and is kid-approved. She has some awesome vintage pieces with an industrial vibe that I'm excited to work with, so I'll be shopping her own house a lot. 

When I went over there yesterday to show her my ideas, I pulled out these sketches. Yes, I'm sure there is a fancy software for this type of thing, but I can draw really fast so it's actually easier and quicker for me to just sketch it out on paper. I drew the basics of the fireplace wall and the front entry area on white paper and made copies so that I could try different options and accessories in each spot. Then I printed out some chairs and other accessories online and placed them on top of the photo, like paper dolls. It was like playing with a two-dimensional doll house!

In the end, we've decided to combine elements from the different options into one ideal scenario for their living room. The first priority is to build a proper mantel, because this brick thingamob isn't cutting it right now:

We're going to talk to their handyman tomorrow about building a chunky, rustic wooden mantel. I think that will make a big difference right away. Here's a list of what we plan to do on this wall:

• Build rustic, chunky mantel to match beam on ceiling and barn doors
• See how the niche above the mantel is blue? We're going to paint that back to grey like the rest of the fireplace.
• Add floor mirror above mantel to reflect dining room chandelier
• Paint chunky stripes in a slightly different tone on the elk head wall. (We talked about this and decided that it was a high reward/low risk idea. It's risky to paint a pattern on brick, but then again, it's just paint. I think it has the potential to be a big wow! I gave her several options but she chose the horizontal wide stripes, which is a classic, preppy touch to the big elk head.)
• I feel like we need to fill the space above the TV, so we're looking into a mason jar light fixture. Whether we do go this route depends on the cost to run electricity right there and our ability to buy/DIY something that is exactly the right size. 

Now, let's check out the entry hall. 

I know it's hard to see, but those window seats on either side of the door are currently made of the same brick on the fireplace. We're going to add wainscotting to bring them back from the 1970s and paint them a fresh white to match the door and trim. 

Other additions?

• Foyer chandelier
• Sconces and art above window seats
• Custom cushions and pillows for window seats
• Fixed (nonfunctional) curtains to frame the windows and soften the hard lines
• New front door (eventually)

So, those are the basic plans for the living room in the RB House! Of course there are a bunch of other small things to hunt down and shop for in terms of accessories and artwork, but you'll get to see that in the big reveal. I'm really looking forward to watching it come together!

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