Master Closet Update

The closet project is plugging along. The husband went back to work so things slowed down a bit, but he was able to finish the trim on the top doors. Last week it looked like this:

And now it looks like this. Look how much I cleaned up the room before taking this picture. Let's keep it real, people. The room is a mess and I'm not ashamed!

What's next? He still needs to add trim to the side of the cabinets and the front of the window seats (which open from the top and are destined to house two laundry hampers, by the way). Then he's going to add trim and crown moulding. Then we have to paint. And THEN we can do the fun part– add some cool handles to the doors! For some reason I am really excited about that stage, which still seems far away.

I want a long, skinny handle for the three middle doors and smaller knobs for the top doors. I've been hunting around for some options, and here's what I like so far:

Wishlist: Closet Door Hardware

The price range for the super long pulls (12+ inches) is all over the map, but we are defintiely not wanting to spend a lot of money on those. I'm thinking $20 each, max. I'm charmed by the crystal knobs for the top doors with a touch of oil-rubbed bronze to tie in with the pulls, but I bet the husband will balk at those for his "man closet." Maybe I can convince him that bottom one looks like a crystal golf ball?

Do you have any favorites? I literally cannot wait to finish up these closets, slap some paint on them and start decorating the room! In case you missed that post, here's what I'm envisioning:

Master Bedroom Inspiration

So what do you think about the pulls? Do you have any favorites? I want something that is transitional– not too modern, not too cottagey– so that it sticks with the vibe of the rest of the house. We plan to upgrade our shiny gold doorknobs to oil-rubbed bronze somewhere down the line, so that's why I'm only looking at ORB knobs and pulls. Do you have any other great sources for affordable cabinet hardware that I should check out?

* Have a great weekend! *
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