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Sorry for the blog silence last week! Work was very busy, the hubs was occupied with football preseason and I had to leave town for a gorgeous wedding (more on that later).

I do have some exciting news, though. Last week a friend reached out to me and asked if I would work as her interior designer as she renovates a fabulous fixer-upper in my dream neighborhood. I thought about it long and hard, contemplating the pros and cons... Just kidding, I immediately said yes and started dreaming up plans for her new living room!

I should be able to share more plans later this week, but here are the basic details. The family is a young couple with two adorable kids who bought a dated fixer-upper in the neighborhood where they'd always wanted to raise their family. When they toured the home, they fell in love with the fantastic lot and huge backyard. They bought the home from the original owners, and nothing had really changed since the house was built in the 1970s. After living in the home for a year, they've made a ton of improvements already (new windows, new electrical, ripping out shag carpeting, etc.) just to make the house livable for their family. Now they're at the point where they can begin focusing on details and fun stuff, like decor!

I can't begin to tell you how honored I was when she asked me if she could hire me to be her designer. Me, a self-taught decorator who likes flea market finds and discount fabric? As I've discovered my love for interior design in my adult years, I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I'd majored in interior design instead of journalism back in college. (I chose my school for athletic purposes and it didn't have an interior design program, so it was never an option.) Working on my own home and having this little blog has afforded me a creative outlet to talk about and celebrate design, but I never thought I'd have the opportunity to design and decorate for other people. I feel so blessed to have this amazing opportunity. God is SO good.

The really exciting part is that this particular friend has a great eye for treasures and already has some amazing furniture and accessories, so we have a great head start on the project already. We have similar styles and decorating taste, so I know we're going to have a lot of fun working on her house.

The first room we're tackling is the living room, a big space with soaring ceilings, tons of natural light and a few 1970s quirks that pose decorating challenges. We're meeting tomorrow to discuss my ideas for the space, so I hope to have more definite plans that I can share with you later this week. Meanwhile, here's an Instagram I posted last night while I was sketching up the room.

Yep, they have a giant elk head that already steals the show. This is Texas, after all!


Now, back to that luxurious wedding I had the honor of attending this past weekend. The decor was stunning, so I had to snap a few pictures on my cell phone to share with you. Obviously I'm not a wedding blogger, but I have to share pretty things when I see them!

As we pulled up to the reception, we were greeted by white umbrellas everywhere. I've never seen the use of white umbrellas as wedding decor, but it was beautiful. They were placed over the lights around the circular driveway in front of the country club, so they glowed beautifully once the sun went down. Umbrellas were hanging upside down in the entry and in the trees to the side.

Once we entered the country club, we were greeted by the ethereal tunnel of gauzy white fabric. I was head over heels for this element– it was such a "wow" for the guests. Stunning!

The tables were decked out in an amazing textured linens covered in small satin rosettes. Everything was white, including the flowers, which produced a really elegant look. Even the band wore white!

It was a beautiful event, and I felt lucky to be there! Now I want to start hanging umbrellas from my trees...

* Happy Monday *

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