Because I Like to Thrift

Since taking on the RB House project, I've been more motivated than ever to go hunting for treasures at the thrift store. This increase in shopping time also coincides with the start of football season, which in this household means the husband is working long hours and I have a lot of "me time." "Me time" = shopping.

Here are a couple of the little treasures I've snagged for the RB house so far:

$15 Clint Eastwood sketch
Ok, this isn't for the living room. But the next room we're going to tackle at the RB house is what you would call the "man cave," and every man cave needs a Clint Eastwood drawing. Duh!

Gary Something painted this in 1987, according to the signature. Well done, Gary! That is some impressive work right there. 

I showed the husband this drawing, and he was a little jealous that I'm using it for the RB house. Apparently most men still have man crushes on Mr. Eastwood?

$2 wooden cow
I thought she was adorable. How can you go wrong with a $2 wooden cow? Maybe she'll make friends with the giant elk head in the RB house.

$2 woven basket
I was walking around the thrift store with my best friend, lamenting the fact that I've never found any nice woven baskets at the thrift store. Every thrift store has a million Easter baskets and cheap-y fruit basket things, but I can never find a decent basket. Of course, I found this basket 10 seconds later. I'm going to start walking around stores complaining about not finding that perfect thing I want and see if that works again. Couldn't hurt, right?

Meanwhile, I'm picturing some sort of color blocking/dipping on this basket. We'll see...

$40 vintage globe with lucite base
I loved this vintage globe. How cool is it that it has a lucite base? I've never seen one like it before! I figured the RB house owners would love it since she collects globes. However, Mr. RB House HATED it and thought it was really ugly. Not too worry, little globe, I will keep you for myself!

I should mention that the globe is from an antique mall, not a thrift store– thus the $40 price tag. I was willing to pay it because I liked it that much.

We also found the perfect mirror for above the mantel at the RB house at Home Goods! We'd been searching online for an arched windowpane mirror, but they were all above $500. I was hoping to stumble upon one for less at Home Goods, and sure enough I found this one for $130. I'm very excited to see how it looks in the space!

The project is moving right along. It's pretty exciting!


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