Master Bedroom Inspiration

Our master bedroom is such a mess right now. It's been in a state of flux ever since we moved in because there isn't really enough storage for us. There's a piece of luggage here, a stack of shoes there, a bag of socks propped against the wall. This storage deficiency is exactly why we decided to build a custom wardrobe closet along one wall. While the husband continues to build the closets, I decided to start thinking about how I want to decorate this room.

Master Bedroom Inspiration

The wall of closets will be white, so I want to go with a darker color for the rest of the room. I'm thinking about using the same color- Galveston Gray by Benjamin Moore– that we used in our den. This room doesn't get good natural light at all, so I figure I will embrace the darkness and just make it a cozy sleeping cave.

To balance the darker walls, I want primarily white bedding on top of a classic upholstered bed. Of course we don't have the upholstered bed yet– just a simple white headboard from Target– but if you've been following this blog for a while you know that I've been looking for one for several months now. Maybe one day I will break down and splurge on a nice bed! (Right now my wallet says no, unfortunately.)

For accent colors, I'm thinking about navy and ochre/mustard/gold. I'm hoping that will create a nice masculine/feminine balance that will please us both. I want to mix in a bunch of different materials and textures like brass, chrome, weathered wood, plaster, etc. so that the room is interesting. Of course it's a little tricky to mix everything together like that, so we'll see how it turns out.

What have you been dreaming up lately? Is anyone else forced to make imaginary inspiration boards while their wallet recovers from an expensive summer?

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