DIY Custom Sofa Table

I'm back from my trip and let me tell you– eight days in Vegas is about seven days too long! That city really isn't my cup of tea, but it was a very successful week at work and I enjoyed the couple of extra days of sightseeing with my family. I was so happy to get back and keep working on the house!

Once we settled on a furniture arrangement for our den, I decided we really needed a long and narrow table behind the sofa for drinks, remotes, etc. Knowing it would be hard to find (and considering I didn't want to pay a lot of money for a table that would be completely hidden), I convinced the husband to build one himself!

I described to the husband what I was looking for, and he went to town on the project while I was at work one day. (Thus the lack of pictures– sorry about that. He gets "in the zone" while he's working and forgets that his wife is a home blogger who would want to document the process!)

The first step was to buy the wood for the table. We decided on a piece of 2 in x12 in x12 ft piece of white pine, which cost $20. In fact, that was the total cost for this entire project because we already had everything else we needed.

We measured the length and height of our sofa, and he cut the boards to those exact dimensions. He used his miter saw to make 45 degree cuts on each edge so that the sides and top of the table would come together like so:

Using a brad nailer and a framing square to make sure the top and sides met at a perfect 90 degree angle, he attached the top and sides to one another with a couple of nails just to hold it together temporarily. Then he came back with his power drill and created pilot holes for the top and sides (that way the eventual screws would go below the wood surface and easily be disguised with wood putty). Inside those pilot holes went screws coming in both horizontally and vertically to make sure it would be very sturdy. That gooey junk you see in the picture is the wood putty. Once dry, that is sanded down to be even with the wood surface so you can't see the holes from the screws.

At this point it was really starting to look like a table!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this part, but there are small squares of wood under the table surface that are screwed into the sides and top. These small supports are hidden from view but help make the table even stronger. See? It holds this 200 lb man with no problems at all! "Look Ma, no hands!"

Then he sanded down the wood putty and applied a dark stain.

Pretty soon our custom sofa table was in its rightful spot, holding lamps and a tray with books and TV remotes. I love how the dark stain makes it feel so much more rich and expensive!

I know it's hard to see, but we had a much smaller but wider table back there before that just didn't work. Now the table spans the whole length of the sofa, allowing me to fit two lamps very easily (and for the lamp cords to reach the plugs). It's the perfect spot for drinks to rest while watching TV!

It's just another step toward making this room functional! I'm so proud of the husband for whipping out this custom $20 table for me. What a studmuffin! I'm already thinking about what custom furniture I want to order from him next...

How about a giant wall of built-in closets for our master bedroom? A bit ambitious? Maybe. But he's killing it so far! Here's a little progress shot I snapped today with my phone. 

We have a bunch of projects going on at the moment, so I can't wait to show them to you soon! 

PS. Feeling patriotic this week? Check out this red, white and blue inspiration!

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