Today the husband and I are celebrating three years of wedded bliss. We were high school sweethearts, so we'd actually been together for seven years before we officially tied the knot. There were a lot of "Finally!" messages in our wedding cards.

On the day of the wedding, I tried my best to soak in every single moment. Many things went wrong, but nothing could bring me down from cloud 9. "The power is out at the reception venue? Who cares, we have a lot of candles!" (It came back on 10 minutes before we arrived– phew.)

It was easily the best day of my life! (And to think, I didn't even have Pinterest yet.)

I didn't want him to see me before the ceremony, so we chose to take "bridals" together the day after the ceremony. Our lovely photographer, Kendall Jessup, had about 30 minutes to take these pictures of us at White Sands National Monument before the sun went down. She did a fabulous job, and I will treasure these photos forever. 

Since we already went on a little anniversary trip, today's celebration will be a low-key dinner together at a new pizza place we've been wanting to try. Plus the husband is officially back to work tomorrow (football season is here!) so we're squeezing in every last bit of together time before he starts working really long hours. 

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods! 

* Three years and counting *

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