The Great Sofa Quest

Our first home had one living room. Our new home has two. Thus, we needed a new sofa for the formal living room. Let the search begin!

My first thought was that I wanted something different from our current sofa. As seen in our den reveal last week, the sofa is a creamy white leather with a very basic, simple silhouette. I picked it out about five years ago because I wanted something neutral that could accommodate my decorating whims. It's one of the sofas in Cindy Crawford's line for Rooms to Go, and we've been so happy with it. The leather works so well for us because it's super durable and pet-friendly.

So, we're happy with our current sofa but we wanted something with a different style for sofa #2. Why buy the same sofa again, you know? Inspired by this pin, I started dreaming of a curvy Chesterfield. Or maybe a classic camelback. Or maybe a sleek mid-century piece. Let's just say I was open to anything! I hit the stores to check out some different styles, and these were some of my favorites.

sofa quest

Obviously I didn't want to break the bank, so the two JCPenney options were out (although the revitalization of JCPenney's home line is very cool and definitely worth checking out in person). At a certain point, I decided the mid-century look wasn't what I wanted and focused on finding something with a lot of tufting.

We drove to the only Macy's in DFW to see the first one in person, the Saybridge Sofa by Martha Stewart. At $999, it was the most affordable chesterfield sofa I could find after an online search. We actually really liked the sofa in person, but we weren't ready to commit. The color in person was a little more sage than I wanted, so that was the only drawback.

We decided to go to Rooms to Go next for a couple of reasons. First of all, that's where we bought our first sofa so we figured it was worth a shot. Secondly, we had a $50 off coupon for Rooms to Go that we received in our moving packet from the post office. (You know how they give you a bunch of coupons when you change your address?)

We walked in the store, and the sales lady immediately handed me a brochure with the Sidney Road Sofa by Cindy Crawford on the front cover. "Can I help you?" She asked. "Hmm... I like this one," I said, pointing at the sofa on the front of her brochure. "Can you show me that one?"

She led us over to the Sidney Road sofa and we immediately liked it. It was deep and comfortable, but also stylish and interesting. It's hard to see in the photo above, but the arms are tufted on the inside which I really liked. I felt like it was a happy compromise between a square, masculine sofa and a curvy, tufted chesterfield. Plus I've always been attracted to nailhead details on furniture– I have no idea why, but I like 'em! Lastly, it was perfect for napping. My 6'1 husband could lie down on it and have plenty of room to stretch out.

At $799, the price was right for such a big, substantial sofa. Our coupon brought the price down to $750. Before we knew it we were signing on the dotted line!

What did I learn from this sofa search?

1) Apparently I really like Cindy Crawford sofas. Ha!
2) Don't rule out big box stores when looking for stylish sofas.
3) Those post office moving packets full of coupons can actually come in handy.

I'm still working on decorating the living room, but I've snapped a few Instagram (@jordanG106) photos along the way that give you an idea how the sofa looks in our space. We are loving it!

I didn't want the matching patterned pillows on the sofa, so I used them across the room on my thrifted brass recliners. The pattern on the pillows actually isn't bad, but there is just something I don't love about keeping the matching couch pillows with the sofa. Tossing them across the room helped tie them together without looking too matchy-matchy.

I will definitely take better pictures of this room once I have it ready. We have so many projects going right now but I've been working such late hours that I haven't been able to take good pictures. I will be sharing more pictures soon, including the details on the husband's most ambitious project so far in the new house: custom built-in wardrobes in our master bedroom made from scratch!

Have you bought a sofa lately? What are your requirements for a good sofa?

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