Table Makeover & Paint Sprayer Giveaway!

Forget unpacking– I'd rather do a table makeover. Who's with me?!

I've been lugging around this hefty dining table since my sophomore year of college. My mom passed it down to me and I've used it ever since– until we replaced it with our amazing Pottery Barn outlet bargain. I didn't want to get rid of it, so we kept it in the garage. I kept telling Scott that one day I might have a dedicated space for a home office/art studio and that this big table would make an awesome desk. Fast forward to our new house which does, in fact, have a dedicated room for my studio. I am SO giddy about having my own space and feel totally spoiled.

Fast forward again to this past weekend when we got our first taste of a miracle invention for DIY folks- a paint sprayer! Where has this thing been all my life? After about ten minutes of spraying, my old dining table had a fresh coat of paint and a new home inside my office.

OK, let's talk details!

When Graco reached out to me about trying their paint sprayer, I was thrilled because the husband had just expressed interest in buying one for the projects we have planned in this new house. The timing couldn't have been better. We received our Graco TrueCoat Plus II last week and quickly put it to work this weekend.

The sprayer comes with very clear instructions which we followed to a T. Happily the box includes some plastic baggies to use in the paint can to help with easy cleanup (like a crock pot liner!), so that is a nice touch.

I wanted a pop of color in my studio since I painted the walls white, so I chose this pretty teal color from Lowes– "Pond" by Eddie Bauer. I wasn't really paying attention when I bought this paint until the cashier rang up my total price for one gallon, which seemed very pricey. It seems the paint mixer just assumed I wanted the highest quality paint for this project, which definitely wasn't the case. Luckily Lowe's is awesome and refunded me the extra cost, only charging me for the cheapest paint instead. (The paint mixer is supposed to ask me which type of paint I wanted first, which he failed to do.) Long story short, we accidentally ended up with a really nice quality paint.

The paint sprayer is very simple to use. Before long we were testing it out on one of our table legs. Scott was basically hypnotized. "Awesome," he kept muttering under his breath. "Wow."

I remember the last time we painted this table using a regular paint brush, and it was very tedious. The base of the table has a lot of details and it's really hard to get into all those crevices with a simple paint brush. This sprayer coated the table in no time at all, and the finish was so even and smooth. No brush strokes, hallelujah!

Once we got the hang of it on the legs, we moved on to the table top.

Our new neighbors must love us so much, creating this spectacle in the front yard. Ha!

Once the table was fully painted (which probably took 10 minutes, max), we cleaned out the sprayer and applied a coat of matte polyurethane to the table for extra durability. Before I knew it, the table was assembled and waiting for me to sit down and enjoy it!

Long story short? It seems like we should have invested in a paint sprayer a long time ago! I can only imagine how much time we would have saved by now. It's just so much faster than painting by hand, plus it looks so much nicer because there are no brush strokes. The finished product on this table was just so much better than the paint jobs we've done by hand in the past. Another added bonus? You use less paint this way, so you can stretch your dollar a bit further. That's always nice!

Here's the GREAT news: Graco wants to help you "Save Your Weekend"by giving you your own paint sprayer! Less time painting, more time having fun.You can spray to your heart's content and refinish all sorts of furniture and small projects with one of these nifty tools. I'm already planning to use it to paint our front door next!

Enter to win this time-saving paint sprayer, worth $200!

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* Get Your Spray Guns Up! *

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