New Dining Room Reveal

We have been steadily updating and decorating the new house to make it feel like our own. The dining room was the easiest place to begin because it's not very big and we already had the furniture, so we decided to tackle that room first.

As I mentioned last week, we had the main living areas of the house painted before we moved in. Switching out the yellow/beige in this space for a cool grey color (Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore) made a huge difference and helped the white wainscoting on the lower half of the wall stand out. In the past two weeks we've been unpacking china, styling the shelves, hanging a new chandelier and putting up new floor-to-ceiling curtains. Now the room has a completely different look, and I'm super happy with how it turned out.

 To refresh your memory, this is what the room looked like when we moved bought the house:

Once the room was painted, the next step was to install the light fixture I've been absolutely dying to hang up– the huge brass lantern from the thrift store that we spray painted with oil rubbed bronze. I couldn't wait to see this statement light in our front window! (Speaking of windows, try to ignore the slightly-fogged windows. We'll have to replace those eventually but it's not top priority at the moment.)

Remember the specific light I'm talking about? This 3 foot tall, $15 mega-bargain:

My mom brought me some vintage chandelier crystals that I added to the lantern to give it a bit more pizazz and formality. Do you like the addition? She only had 5 and the light has six "candlesticks," so I put them on every other one. Sometimes my camera is too clear– I wish you couldn't see the dust on the lantern. Ha!

I brought in my favorite shelf ever– the $300 bargain from the Wisteria warehouse sale– and placed another Wisteria bargain, the $100 aged windowpane mirror– on the top shelf to both reflect the light of the chandelier and help fill up the space between the tall ceiling and the shelf. 

Oops, I forgot to mention the ceiling medallion. That was already up there from the previous owners, but we took it down and spray painted it the same color as the lantern, oil rubbed bronze. I think it really helped make the thrifted light feel more expensive. I should mention that we also went to Home Depot and bought some oil-rubbed bronze chain instead of spray painting the brass/gold chain that came with the lantern originally. 

We hung the light 36" over the table, which is standard height for chandeliers. I wanted to make sure it was visible from the street, so it needed to hang below that wall space between the two front windows. The previous chandelier was too high and happened to fall right in the space that was blocked from the street. I think my strategy worked because our neighbor across the street brought us cookies and the first thing she asked about was our "huge" chandelier. Haha!

The other thing that made a huge difference in this space are the new curtains. Where do I go when I need affordable curtains that are really long? Ikea, of course. Where else can you find 118" curtains for $35? That is such a steal! We used the grey Ritva, and the addition of the curtains really gave the room a new elegance. Hanging them floor-to-ceiling really emphasized the 11 ft. ceilings, which is exactly what we hoped.

When I was looking around the room, I was struck by the fact that a lot of the key items in this room are from the thrift store. My love for bargains is evident in this room– but I hope it doesn't look that way!

Here's the full cost breakdown and source list:

- Haverty's dining table (thrifted), $200
- World Market Provence dining chairs ($65/each) and cushions ($17/each)
- Wisteria mirror, $100
- Lantern chandelier (thrifted), $15
- Gold greek key china (thrifted), $60
- Ralph Lauren china (2 sets), wedding gift
- Kate Spade wine glasses, wedding gift
- Bourbon sniffers (thrifted), $3
- Anthropologie monogram mugs, $8/each 
- Target Threshold wooden bowl, $14 (mine was on sale)
- Mercury glass items on top shelf (thrifted), $10
- Pottery Barn Outlet horse head (gift from my mom, but she told me it was only $10)

So all in all, this room cost us about $1,100. However, we bought all of that over time in our last house. The only things we added in this house were the chandelier ($15) and curtains ($35). I'll take a $50 budget any day!

There you have it; our new dining room is ready for its first dinner party. What do you think? My favorite part is the chandelier, for sure. I love that it was only $15 and was a very dated style, but we were able to completely transform it with spray paint. Easy, affordable projects like that are the best.

* Wine and dine *

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