Kitchen Table Refresh

Do you remember when we bought this wooden table for $60 at the flea market?

Although we hadn't moved into our new house yet, I'd been searching for a chunky round table for the future eat-in kitchen. With a little elbow grease, I knew it could be perfect for our space. The price was definitely right!

When we got the table back home, we started by removing the layer of dirt and grime that had accumulated on the table. The husband got out his belt sander and went to town on the tabletop, stripping it down to its original form. He was adamant that the table be more smooth on the top, so the sander really helped level out all of the boards and make it much more usable. 

It was all fine and dandy until we were done with the sanding. Someone must have slapped this tabletop together with a bunch of different types and colors of wood, because the stripped version looked like a zebra to me! All of the sudden I was missing the dirt layer that made it look so cohesive before we attacked it with the belt sander.

Solution? We decided to dirty it back up (the clean way) with a grey wood stain! I love that weathered look, so I went with "Sunbleached" Ultimate Wood Stain by Rustoleum. One quart costs about $8 at Lowe's.

It wasn't a huge difference, but the grey tones definitely helped make the table look more finished, and it brought all of the wood tones on the tabletop together so that they made more sense. 
To polish it off, we applied a couple layers of matte polyurethane to seal the stain and protect the surface from future meals and spills. A glossy clear coat would have completely ruined the weathered look, so matte was the only way to go. I was really impressed with the Rustoleum Ultimate Matte Polyurethane and have already used it on other projects. 

Now that we've settled in to our new home, we've been getting tons of great use out of our flea market table! I didn't have any chairs, so I stole these two upholstered dining chairs from our old dining room. I hope to purchase four industrial chairs for this space eventually, but that will come later. For now it's working just fine as a table for two!

I know it looks a little empty, but we're still working on this kitchen. My next step is to hang the geometric pendant we got at the flea market above the table to add a more eclectic vibe. In case you missed that post, the light I'm referencing is this $15 score that we found from the same booth as the table– they were meant to live together happily ever after!

Anyway, things are plugging right along over here. A lot of spaces are in progress, like the kitchen and formal living room. But a lot of spaces are still in complete shambles, like our three guest rooms! Scott's family is coming to visit us in mid-July, so we have a couple of weeks to whip those into shape. The husband is starting a very ambitious project this week– a custom built-in wardrobe for our master bedroom. He's building the entire thing himself from scratch! I know he's both nervous and excited about it, but I have full faith that he can pull it off. I can't wait to share it with you once he's done!

* Practice making progress *
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