Upholstery Input Needed!

I've started calling this chair "The Glove," since it reminds me of a giant baseball glove. We bought it at the flea market for $75.

It's basically the most comfortable chair ever, but the aesthetics leave something to be desired.

The back and sides are brown leather, and the top layer is a yucky, worn out microfiber. We've decided to have that microfiber part reupholstered, but we can't decide what type of fabric to use. What would mix well with the leather?

My first thought was to try to match the leather, but that's not very budget friendly and it might be hard to find just the right color to match. It's going to cost some money to reupholster it, so I don't wat to sink a lot more money into the material choice. On the other hand, I want to make sure I choose something we'll be happy with for a long time so that the dollars we spend to reupholster end up being money well spent.

I searched the glorious interweb for inspiration, looking for chairs that mix leather and fabric, but I'm not finding much.


Candice Olsen Collection Marco Chair

Patina White

Decadent Avenue
Apartment Therapy


I was thinking about using some sort of menswear fabric like the Horchow chair, with brown leather straps to help tie it all together. What do you think? I'm completely open to other ideas– I'd love to hear what you would do with this chair if it were yours! 

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