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If you've been following this blog for the past month, you know that we're moving to a new house. All of the sudden we're moving from 1,650 sq. ft. to 2,550 sq. ft., so I could really use some affordable furniture right about now. Ever since our offer was accepted I've been checking Craigslist and visiting my local thrift store and flea market, stockpiling treasures to use in our new home. I found all sorts of good things this weekend that I'm excited to share with you!

On Saturday I visited my local Christian Community Action store (CCA Resale in Lewisville, for any DFW readers who might want to check it out). Any thrift store is hit or miss, but I've gotten all sorts of good stuff at this particular store in the past. My Haverty's dining table, for example, and my awesome set of gold and white greek key china. I've learned that the best day to visit this CCA is Saturday because that's the day when they have the most inventory, and they also run different sales all day on Saturday. That's prime time for a thrifting addict like me!

Right when I walked in the store, I spotted this shiny stainless steel trunk. It reminded me of something you would find at Restoration Hardware, like this Mayfair Steamer Coffee Trunk for $1,355. I loved the detailing and the fact that it had drawers in the front. Even better, the drawers were lined with a nice fabric and featured nail head details inside. It seemed like a really quality piece.

This trunk is 51"x20" so it's pretty darn big. With a price tag of $150, it seemed a little steep for a thrift store purchase. But on the other hand, it was in basically brand new condition (except for that small dent on top, which didn't really bother me). I figured the husband would love it, so I texted him these photos. Sure enough, he loved it. I got the go ahead to make this my first purchase of the day, and the ice was officially broken! Pretty soon things started tumbling into my "sold" pile at the front of the thrift store.

Next I grabbed this extremely heavy brass and crystal chandelier for $20. It's vintage and awesome and totally girly. I'm not sure where I'm going to put it in the new house, but it will certainly find a home.  It looks almost exactly like this chandelier in one of my home inspiration pins!

My mom is starting a little shop full of thrifted goodies and stuff she finds during her shopping adventures (now you know where I get it), so I bought her a couple of things for her shop. I almost kept the $35 blue/white storage chest for myself, but the husband promised he could build me one if I wanted, so I turned it over to my mom. Here are the lovely goodies I found for her:

A super pretty French Provincial marble top side table just begging for a fresh coat of paint for $50:

Nabbed this cute blue/white chest, perfect for toy storage (or to display linens and pillows in my mom's shop!)... She has plans to replace the legs to make it a wee bit cuter, so I can't wait to see how that turns out. It was $35.

Bamboo screen in perfect condition for $7. This will add some great texture to her store, and she can use it to display jewelry. It would be a cool headboard too, and it could be any color in the rainbow with a little spray paint action. I told her she should think about weaving some ribbon through it to make it playful for a children's room, so we'll see what she decides to do with it!

I loved this brass and ceramic tea kettle by Mikasa for $20. It's a bit of a splurge for a thrifted tea kettle, but the shape is so classic and sculptural. It would look great displayed in a china cabinet.

You know you bought quite a few things when you have to call in the hubby to bring his truck!

We're currently storing the trunk in our entryway, so this picture (which is awful, sorry) gives you a better idea of the scale. 

The next day we made a road trip with friends to Canton First Mondays, which is a giant flea market in East Texas. If there's one thing I've learned about Canton, it's that I like to hang out in the outside area where the goods are more affordable. It's like one humongous garage sale out there, and I can't get enough. I also like to go on Sundays because it's the last day of the flea market for that month and the dealers don't want to load all their junk back into their trucks, so they are more likely to give better prices on Sunday. I love this flea market so much; It's like Christmas for me when we get to go there!

Our first purchases of the day were this kitchen table ($60) and awesome geometric vintage pendant light ($15). This dealer came down a lot on his prices for both of these and told us he was excited that he didn't have to load them up at the end of the day. (I got the feeling his wife, who wasn't at the booth when we came, might not have agreed with his pricing philosophy. Haha!)This table is just what I was looking for, so I was extremely excited to find it for $60. It's going straight into our new eat-in kitchen!

I considered buying all of these letterpress trays (set of 8) for DIY wall art, but I couldn't accept the $185 price tag.This was the same booth where we bought the items above, but he wouldn't come down very far on his price for these because he said his wife paid a lot of money for them originally.

I did snatch up this extremely heavy vintage mirror for $25.  It's going up in our current master bathroom since I want to bring my Wisteria mirror to the new house. Hopefully our new tenants like it. It's pretty big in scale so it makes the small bathroom feel a little bigger.

Can we take a minute to appreciate how creepy this looks? I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw it. Then I gathered my bearings and snapped a photo for Instagram, like all good social media lovers would do! :)

Check out this wacky chair we came home with. I promise you, it's the most comfortable chair ever. It rocks (literally) so it would make a good future baby chair, too. The sales girl said it was a mid century womb chair, but I'm not sure. I haven't been able to find exactly anything like it online, so it's a bit of a mystery. We have plans to keep the leather part and reupholster the rest, but I'm not sure what fabric to use. It did remind me of the leather Copenhagen chairs at Restoration Hardware for about $1,600, so we were happy with it once we talked the dealer down to $75. It will be about $200-$300 to reupholster it, but we're excited to have a one-of-a-kind conversation piece for our new living space. The husband has already claimed it as his personal chair, of course.

Kind of looks like a giant baseball glove, doesn't it? I can't wait to get rid of that brown microfiber stuff on top!

Lastly we stumbled upon these rocking chair pieces for $4. I've always wanted to convert our $5 estate sale chair into a rocker when we have a baby, so it was so fortuitous to find the perfect rocking chair pieces at the flea market. Now it will be a snap for the husband to convert this chair whenever we are ready!

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend for bargain shopping! Which piece is your favorite? Have you found any great deals lately?

* Happy Wednesday*

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