Randoms & Happy Weekend

Packing is in full swing at our house! It's very bittersweet to see all of our personal artwork and photos come down from the walls. I can't believe our time at our first home is almost over...

And yet it's so exciting to think about our new home and all of the memories that will be made there! We are scheduled to close on May 17, and our lender says we are ahead of schedule (knock on wood). I'm hoping everything continues to go smoothly as we approach the big day! We aren't allowed to actually move in until May 21, so we still have more time to pack.


We are celebrating a special milestone today– 10 years since our first date! It's hard to believe that much time has passed already. This picture is from our first summer together back when we were little high school kids. I feel so blessed to have met the love of my life at 16. Time flies!


When we were packing I came across this note card I wrote a few years ago, tucked away in my craft cabinet. Don't you love it when a powerful Bible verse pops back into your life like that? I guess He wanted to remind me of something. Duly noted!


Check out some of these fun links I found this week:

Amazing artwork with a summer vibe
• Met Ball 2013 red carpet photos (My favorite? Sienna Miller)
• Kentucky Derby red carpet photos, the exact opposite of the Met Ball "punk" theme
• Hello there, classy baseball tee/sweater. Come into my closet!
• Lucite, lucite, lucite

What do you have planned this weekend? We're celebrating our mini-anniversary with dinner and movie tonight, but then we're rolling up our sleeves and packing up our garage tomorrow. Nobody ever said moving was fun, but it will all be worth it!

* Have a great weekend! *

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