It will take us some time to unpack all of the boxes and truly get settled around here, but things are coming along. It's been a blur, but I snapped some pictures along the way...

It was sad to see our first home being loaded on to trucks this past weekend. A big thanks to all our coaching friends and the four football players the husband recruited to help us move. Nothing like free labor! A bunch of goofy 17 year old kids moving your stuff sure keeps things entertaining, I will say. Good thing we don't have expensive stuff!

It was amazing to see the difference in our new house after a fresh coat of paint on many interior walls. We chose Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore for most of the rooms, which was the same color we used in our first house. We loved it enough to choose it again! See the previous wall color here.

For the den we chose Sherwin Williams Pure White for the cabinets and Benjamin Moore Galveston Grey for the walls. This room feels a  bit more cozy and the darker grey looks great against the white cabinets, which are a MASSIVE improvement over the oak finish they had before we bought the house. The rooms feels so much bigger and brighter!

I started to fiddle with arranging the furniture, which isn't easy in a long and narrow room in which the TV can only go on one wall. I think we found something that will work though, at least for now...
Sorry for the lackluster pictures, I have yet to unpack my nice camera so it's all about the phone pics for now.

One of the rooms that saw the best changes just from paint was the kitchen. If you remember, it was painted three different shades of yellow. We had the peninsula and fridge cabinet painted to match the cabinet color and did the other walls with Revere Pewter. The kitchen instantly felt fresh and new.

Don't mind the pizza and chicken nugget tray– I had to feed the moving crew!

My office was painted with Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. I wanted a bright white space so I could add the pops of color in other furniture and artwork. The only problem with bright white paint is that it makes the previously white trim look a bit dingy. That's another project for another day...

I promise to post more and better pictures soon. We're still in a sprint to get our other house ready for tenants, so that's consuming all of our time when we're off work. Hopefully soon we'll be able to focus on this house because my list of projects is growing by the minute and I can't wait to get started!

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