DIY File Cabinet Revamp

The last time we went to the Pottery Barn outlet, the husband bought five of these $5 file cabinet bases with the hope of making different tops for each one. We finally got going on the project once we realized we really wanted a file cabinet to organize all of our important papers before we moved. Moving is very motivating, and working on DIY projects is an excellent way to procrastinate on packing! :)

We weren't sure what we wanted to use for the top of the cabinet. One day I was driving home from work, tossing around the project in my head, when I remembered these flea market tiles I bought in the fall. Remember when I used one as a stencil for my favorite pear painting?

We didn't have enough tiles to do anything substantial like tile a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, so this small project was perfect! We didn't have to buy anything to make the new top– we used scrap MDF for the top and spare cabinet-grade 1x4s as trim.

We had a $5 file cabinet base to start with, which was a great start.

The husband used his miter saw to cut the 3/4 inch MDF to size. Soon, we were tiling!

Once the tile was set and sealed, the husband cut a 1x4 in half to make a border around the top. It helped finish off the piece, but it still didn't look original to the cabinet.

The husband has been wanting to buy some special router bits for some time now, and this was the perfect project to try them out. He shopped around online and eventually bought this set from Amazon. MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set with Carbide-Tipped 1/2-Inch Shanks

We decided to mimic the trim on the bottom of the cabinet, so he used his new 5/32 inch roman ogee bit to shape his square trim into something more elegant. It made all the difference in the world!

I painted it with some flat black paint, which ended up being a perfect match. We squeezed the cabinet in beside my black desk in the studio, which also happens to be from the Pottery Barn outlet.  It ties in nicely because they are the same shade of black.

I'd estimate our total cost for this nice file cabinet to be right about $10, so I'd say that's a pretty great deal! It's just an added bonus that we now have a nice looking spot for our important documents. What better time to organize your life than when you are moving, right?

* Files for miles *

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