It will take us some time to unpack all of the boxes and truly get settled around here, but things are coming along. It's been a blur, but I snapped some pictures along the way...

It was sad to see our first home being loaded on to trucks this past weekend. A big thanks to all our coaching friends and the four football players the husband recruited to help us move. Nothing like free labor! A bunch of goofy 17 year old kids moving your stuff sure keeps things entertaining, I will say. Good thing we don't have expensive stuff!

It was amazing to see the difference in our new house after a fresh coat of paint on many interior walls. We chose Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore for most of the rooms, which was the same color we used in our first house. We loved it enough to choose it again! See the previous wall color here.

For the den we chose Sherwin Williams Pure White for the cabinets and Benjamin Moore Galveston Grey for the walls. This room feels a  bit more cozy and the darker grey looks great against the white cabinets, which are a MASSIVE improvement over the oak finish they had before we bought the house. The rooms feels so much bigger and brighter!

I started to fiddle with arranging the furniture, which isn't easy in a long and narrow room in which the TV can only go on one wall. I think we found something that will work though, at least for now...
Sorry for the lackluster pictures, I have yet to unpack my nice camera so it's all about the phone pics for now.

One of the rooms that saw the best changes just from paint was the kitchen. If you remember, it was painted three different shades of yellow. We had the peninsula and fridge cabinet painted to match the cabinet color and did the other walls with Revere Pewter. The kitchen instantly felt fresh and new.

Don't mind the pizza and chicken nugget tray– I had to feed the moving crew!

My office was painted with Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. I wanted a bright white space so I could add the pops of color in other furniture and artwork. The only problem with bright white paint is that it makes the previously white trim look a bit dingy. That's another project for another day...

I promise to post more and better pictures soon. We're still in a sprint to get our other house ready for tenants, so that's consuming all of our time when we're off work. Hopefully soon we'll be able to focus on this house because my list of projects is growing by the minute and I can't wait to get started!

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It seems I'm officially another year older today! And since we've been moving nonstop and I haven't had a moment to write a blog post quite yet, I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with some pictures of the new house and the progress we've been making. If you want to follow along in real time, I've been posting pictures to Instagram (@jordang106) and Facebook.

PS. Can I just say that paint is the most AMAZING renovation tool out there?

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What We're Up To

Things are moving 100 miles per hour over here! We started moving into the new house on Monday night, so we've been spending our spare time shuttling odds and ends to the new house and taking care of projects we wanted completed before we moved in. We've got friends and some of the husband's high school football players (free labor!) coming over to help us on Friday, so we're saving all of the big furniture pieces until then.

We hired the same painters who helped us paint our first home to help us paint some rooms in our new house this week. We're DIY-ers through and through, but we also know our weaknesses. We're not good at painting walls and trim, and did I mention we hate doing it? We do! I could paint pretty pictures on canvas all day but stick a roller in my hand and I turn into a major grouch. These painters do a great job and are super affordable, so we feel like it's money well spent.

We picked out some paint colors on Monday, and they got started today. I literally did a little jig when I came over tonight after work and saw the built-in cabinets primed and ready for white paint. Some awkward white girl dancing was involved. Fun fact: I used to be on a traveling clogging team when I was a little girl and sometimes I can't help but break into some of my favorite clogging steps from back in the day. It's like riding a bike. ;)

*Please forgive the horrible iPhone photos– it was all I had with me and we do these projects at night since we have to work during the day! You can follow along with us on Instagram under JordanG106.

Now that the cabinets are primed, they will be painted with Sherwin Williams Pure White. When comparing samples at the paint store, it seemed the closest to a pure white to me. Some were too creamy, and others were too blue. It really is tough to pick out the perfect white, so I hope I got it right with this choice!

Despite the terrible lighting below, you can see that the painters have already finished the living room. We liked the color of our first home so much (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter) that we decided to use it again for the main living areas in the new house. I know it's hard to tell, but it really looks so much better than the yellow-y beige they had before, which you can see in that wall to the right. As my mom texted me after I sent her this photo, the new color makes the wood floors look so much richer!

We stayed at the house really late last night working on not-so-fun projects, like scrubbing the kitchen cabinets and drawers as hard as I could to remove the grime. The previous owners weren't a super messy family or anything, but they didn't really deep clean when they moved so everything needs a really good scrub.

 I opened up all of these cabinets to see what it might look like if I took off the doors and made them open shelving, like I did in our first house. What do you think?

While I was scrubbing the cabinets, the husband was sanding down the texture on the walls of the kitchen so the painters can paint that area next. The texture looked a little something like this, and this technique was only used in the eat-in area of the kitchen, the dining room and guest bathroom. I'm guessing they used the texture to cover wallpaper, but I'm not a huge fan of how it looks. We used a sanding block to make the texture much more subtle before the coat of paint goes on this week.

When we first walked into the house when it was completely empty, we detected a faint pet odor in the house that I didn't notice when the previous owners lived there. A little Googling quickly taught us that hardwood floors soak up a lot of odors, so we decided to lay some baking soda down on top to soak up any smells and freshen up the house. We used a big broom to sweep it around and get it in all of the nooks and crannies. We let it sit overnight and used the shop-vac to vacuum up the powder the next day. It smells much better, and our plan to do this to the other rooms before we give them a good cleaning. There is so much to do before the big furniture comes on Friday– I'm predicting a lot of late nights this week!

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with my to-do list and stress of moving earlier this week, but one peek at the newly painted walls and cabinets reminded me how much I love our new home and how blessed we are to have this opportunity. I know it's super important to remain thankful even though my right arm and lower back are really aching from scrubbing my heart out in the kitchen last night!


On a separate topic, our neighbors to the north in Oklahoma are facing unimaginable destruction this week. I can't imagine what they are going through, and it is absolutely heartbreaking to watch the news coverage. Learn how you can help here.

We have had our share of tornadoes down here in the DFW area, and my mom even had a tornado tear the roof off parts of her elementary school in central Texas on Tuesday (thankfully she is fine). I decided to download the free Red Cross Tornado App, which was really helpful yesterday when we were under a tornado watch all day. It sends you live weather alerts depending on your location so you can be aware of the weather even if you aren't near a TV or radio. You might want to think about downloading it if you also live in an area that is prone to tornadoes.

* Focusing on our progress instead of the growing to-do list... *

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Our New House!

We officially signed our life away today and are the proud owners of a new home! Now it feels real. I've been very excited to show you these photos so you can see our new digs, but I didn't want to jump the gun. Now that the deal is final, let's take a look at our next house project...

Our new home is 2,550 square feet, which is a substantial upgrade over our current 1,640 sq. ft home. More space to play with, hooray! Other perks over our first home: bigger bathrooms, creek view, nicer/bigger kitchen, hardwood floors, high ceilings and a split-bedroom floor plan. It was built in 1987 by a really well-regarded builder, so we feel good about the quality of the home.

Here's a peek at the curb appeal, which has a lot going for it already. I love the curved driveway and small patio out front. We fell head over heels for the tree-lined neighborhood right away.

(Most of these pictures were pulled off of the listing or taken during our visits to the home.)

We plan to add more plants out front, switch out that orange-y tile, paint the front door and switch out the lighting. It's going to spruce it right up!

When you walk into the house, you are greeted with a formal living room that features french doors connecting to another living space, which I plan to use as my office. To the right of the front door is a nice dining room that looks out into the front yard. 


The dining room is a nice size, and I really love the large windows.

I'm really excited about the room I plan to use as my office. The view of the creek is amazing! I work from home twice a week so I'll spend a lot of time in this room.There is a door leading out to the deck, plus another door leading to one of the guest bedrooms. The ceilings are really high and interesting in this room, which is always a bonus.

The kitchen is literally in the center of the home, directly between the formal living room, den and dining room. I was happy to see the white cabinets and stone backsplash, both of which are already our style. The yellow wall color has to go, but the bones are great! The corian countertops are nice, but we'll have to replace the appliances eventually. It's nice to have an additional eating area, which we don't have in our first home.

Just off the kitchen is a lovely den with great built-ins. I'm super excited about decorating this space!

Off the back of the house is one of the main reasons we fell in love with the house: the creek! That bright green deck rail definitely needs to go away...

The house has four bedrooms. Three guest rooms are on the left side of the house (if you're looking at the house from the street) and the master bedroom is in the front right corner, near the garage and laundry room.

The first guest room faces the front yard and has plantation shutters (the only ones in the house) and hardwood floors. 

The second guest room is pink and green, so it will need a paint job. 

The third guest room faces the backyard. 

In between the first two rooms is a large guest bathroom that needs to be updated. That will be a fun project to take on!

The master bedroom is a nice size but could use some personality.

The master bath is nicely updated, although it's not totally my style. Oddly enough they have a long countertop with only one sink. I have no idea what prompted that decision but I'm sure we'll change that eventually. This will be our first time sharing a bathroom!

Well that about does it for the first tour of our new home! What do you think? We are so excited to actually move in next week! We've already made plans to have the living spaces painted next week, so big changes are coming right away. Stay tuned!

* Feeling blessed! *

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