Window Shopping: Ikea

I haven't been to the land of Swedish meatballs in several months, so when we found ourselves in the neighborhood on a weeknight (the least crowded time), I convinced the husband to brave the blue and yellow retail maze with me.

I took pictures of my favorite things, a little "window shopping" for my blog friends who perhaps don't have an Ikea nearby or avoid the Ikea shopping crowds like the plague. They had several new or new-to-me items that I really liked! Did you know Ikea has the option to shop online now?

Window Shopping: Ikea

Clockwise from the top left (click on the smaller pictures above to link to the product):

Olunda- This butterfly art is super affordable and right on trend. I love the splatter paint!
PS 2012- This chest is begging for an awesome paint treatment. Rubix cube, perhaps?
Socker- I was smitten with these white greenhouses, perfect for an herb garden.
Satta-These acrylic handles would really add a unique touch to a standard dresser. I'd even love to see the clear acrylic ones in a bathroom or even a kitchen!
Frode- If you need folding chairs for extra seating, they might as well be cute. I'm just saying.
Kastanjenot- I really wanted to buy these woven planters for our fig trees, but the husband didn't like them. I think the natural texture mixed with the modern white handles is very cool.
Frasera- Chic whiskey glasses, a must have for people like me who don't drink whiskey but enjoy displaying pretty whiskey glasses in their china cabinets.
Ovraby- This campaign-style photo frame was decidedly un-Ikea looking. Love it.
Kasset- Office storage is always better when it looks nice. I bought some of these for my studio to store my art supplies and crafting tools.
Sanela- They have these heavy velvet curtains in several colors, and they're a nice change from the lightweight cotton varieties Ikea already carries.
Sommarkul- Nothing brightens up a kitchen for spring like a punchy dishtowel.
Raskog- I was really tempted to buy this turquoise rolling cabinet for my office. I would put my paints in it and wheel it around into the living room so I could paint in front of the TV!

Apparently every second Wednesday of the month, Ikea gives an additional 50% off the merchandise in its as-is section. I never knew about it! We bought a couple things from that sale, including a striped tablecloth ($2), a glass cabinet door ($4, for a DIY project) and two stuffed animals (50 cents) that made our two spoiled nuggets very happy campers:

Which of the items above is your favorite? I'm a sucker for that turquoise color, so I loved the rolling cart and folding chairs.

* Why is it suddenly cold again? Come on, Spring! *

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