You'll have to forgive me for my sparse blog posts these days. Moving = survival mode! Whose brilliant idea was it to move into a new house, turn our home into an income property and balance my busiest time of year at work all at the same time? Oy vey.

We have negotiated to receive some closing costs from the seller of our new house (yay!) and they agreed to repair some "squirrel damage" in one of the eaves of the roof. We are thrilled that they were so cooperative and willing to work with us. We're one step closer to moving in!

Next up, the appraisal. We should find out the results on Monday and see if the home is worth what we're paying. Let's hope so because I really don't want this deal to fall through!

So... I've got furniture on the brain now that I have a lot of new rooms to fill. I've been scouring Craigslist for great deals (none so far) and stopping at some of my favorite thrift stores. Today on my lunch break I wandered into a random antique mall down the street from my job. These are some of my favorite things I spotted at the little antique mall.

How cool are these mid century stools? They were amazing; the price, however, was not. I can't pay $1,500 for some stools! I do love the fact that they are so unique and in such great shape.

I really loved this 70s rattan screen. How great would this look spray painted a bright glossy color? The pattern is super fun, and it would make a great headboard. I found the exact same one for sale on One Kings Lane but I can't tell how much it was going for. This one was $175.

I came very close to buying this $50 wrought iron fireplace screen, but I wasn't sure if the dimensions were right for the new fireplace. That circle pattern is very elegant though, and I may go back if I measure the fireplace and find out that it will work.

And now for the weirdest thing I saw at the antique mall, this wacky lamp. I don't even know how to describe it! Not our style, but I love seeing weird things I haven't seen before.

Have you found any cool furniture pieces lately? I'm looking for a chunky pedestal table for our new kitchen. I want a bargain though, so nothing has been cheap enough yet!

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