Randoms & Happy Weekend

Another lovely Friday is upon us! It's such a good feeling to be on the cusp of a restful weekend (although I'm coaching a volleyball tournament all weekend, so I'm not sure how restful it will be).

We had our home inspection yesterday, but we're still trying to figure out what fixes to ask for. Everything looks pretty good and the inspector didn't see any major problems. He wanted us to send a roofing expert to examine the roof because it was raining during the inspection (which makes it hard to judge the roof), so we're doing that today. Once we have that info, we'll decide what repairs to request from the sellers and hopefully work that out shortly thereafter!

I snapped a few Instagram (@jordang106) photos while I was at the house during the inspection. The backyard view is so peaceful– I can't wait to set up my home office in this room!

And here's a sneak peek of our new kitchen, complete with the inspector's stylish tool bag!

I've decided I won't start packing our current house until we are out of the option period and have worked out the contract completely, including repairs after the inspection. I don't want to jinx anything. It would be pretty heartbreaking to have it fall through at this point, I'll admit. Let's hope we can come to an agreement that's fair for everyone!

Emily Henderson, former HGTV Design Star and one of my favorite bloggers, hosted an Instragram contest where we posted pictures of the piece of furniture we would save if our house was on fire. It was an interesting exercise because I love so many pieces of my furniture, but in the end I decided to save the Wisteria shelf in our dining room. I paid $300 for the giant bookcase at one of their flea market sales not too long ago and it's been a love affair ever since. What piece of furniture would you save if your house caught on fire? (God forbid... I'm so glad this is just a hypothetical situation.)

Jenny Komenda over at the Little Green Notebook is always impressing me with her innovative solutions for imitating expensive items on a budget. Take, for example, her idea to paint inexpensive white lampshades from Target with black screen printing paint to get that sleek high end look. Brilliant!

 Sale alert! I have had my eye on the Foiled Dot Napkin Set from Anthropologie for quite some time now.  Hot pink and gold polka dots, what's not to like? When the priced got marked down from $25 to $4.95, I pounced. They arrived yesterday and are oh-so-adorable. They have more, including a blue set, online.


Do you have fun plans this weekend? I'll be spending most of my time at the Dallas Convention Center, coaching up a team of 11-year old volleyball stars. Should be fun! (And tiring, of course.) I hope to be back on Monday to show you what we did with that awesome arabesque tile I scored at the flea market a long time ago! We just have to actually finish the project first...

* Have a great weekend! *

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