Randoms & Happy Weekend

Good morning! What's new in your world?

We've had a roller coaster week with the house hunting. (What else is new?) On Tuesday night, our realtors advised us to take a break from searching since the prices just keep going up and the market shows no signs of slowing down. They thought it might be best if we waited for the frenzy to slow down after a couple of months since we don't have to move right now. We had a long discussion about it and decided we were fine with waiting.

The next morning, the husband went to the men's Bible study at our church before work and mentioned the house hunting process. A guy we don't know mentioned that he was selling his home, which turns out to be a house that we had offered on before (mentioned here as the home that's price was raised $15k after we offered). Perhaps it was meant to be after all? Scott and the seller talked about the home and the fact that we had offered on it at its original price, and he said the price was negotiable. Then his realtor called and said it was NOT negotiable. "My client won't consider a penny less than asking" were his exact words. We were getting conflicting stories all around. Anyway, the whole ordeal was very confusing and we didn't know what to think. Last night we showed up at the scheduled time to take another look at the house, but he wasn't ready to show us. He asked us to come back later. We kind of threw our hands up in the air and decided to give up on that home once and for all– not worth the mental energy to figure out what's going on there!

However, right before we went over there I had checked on Realtor.com to see if anything new popped up. There was a new listing slightly outside the neighborhood we were considering, but still in the great school district. I looked at all the pictures online and got really excited about it, so our realtor took us to see it last night. The home ended up having everything we wanted, and we both loved it. (The husband especially loved that it was only one mile from where he works– nice commute!) We made an offer last night and are waiting to hear back. We heard the home had 10 showings yesterday in its first day on the market, but we were the first offer. We'll see what happens!

We know by now that the odds are against us in this market, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. At the very least, it was a nice reminder that the perfect home for us is out there and we should hold out until we find one that makes us VERY excited (like the one we saw last night).


Can we talk about how terrible this lamp is? I spotted it at our local thrift store. The hat has a hole in the top so the light can come through. Where does one find a straw top hat? It's like Abe Lincoln meets Blossom!

When we were at Ikea, I bought a glass cabinet door for $4 in the as-is section. I knew I could do something with it! It's basically a wood frame with glass inside. I thought I could use it as a dry erase board or use it to frame artwork. Do you have any other ideas? It looks like this:


 Speaking of frames, check out this gallery wall I spotted at Wisteria. I would never think to stack so many frames right on top of one another like that, but it does create a really interesting look. What do you think– too busy or just right?


What do you have planned this weekend? The husband and I are going to a NASCAR race of all things! One of his students gifted him with free tickets, so we though we'd go check it out. Bring on the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber! Texas Motor Speedway is a really impressive facility that can hold almost 200,000 spectators, so I'm looking forward to the adventure.

* Have a great weekend! *

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