Randoms & Happy Weekend

Another week just went by at lightning speed! Slow down!!

Here's my latest house hunting update: We still haven't found "the one." We visited a mega fixer upper this week, but we felt that it was slightly overpriced for the amount of work it needed. It's new on the market, so we're going to see if it sells right away. If not, maybe they'd be willing to negotiate.

I started off the house hunting process thinking it would be fun, but so far it's been more stressful than fun. The stress comes from the super-competitive market and the fact that we have to rush out to see new houses right away in case they sell on the first day (which means either paying full price or even above asking price). We rearrange our schedules to see these houses and are joined by 4-5 other couples walking around the same small house. It's awkward. And for super frugal people like us, it's hard to wrap our heads around the fact that we will not find a bargain in this real estate climate. "But I only buy off the sale rack!"

Anyway, I'm not trying to be overly dramatic about it. Obviously we are blessed to be in a position to buy another house and are fortunate to already have a roof over our heads, so we aren't under the stress of some other families who need a place to move immediately. That being said, I would love to find something soon so that I can free up some brain space to think about other things!

My parents came up for Easter last weekend, so I decided to make a simple Easter tablescape for our holiday dinner using items I already had around the house. I ended up hunting around my closet, where I found this bright blue floral scarf that actually worked really well on the table. 

I paired it with a blue mason jar full of Alstromeria (had them three weeks now and they're still going strong) and some of my favorite pears. Then I used my thrifted china to polish it off. I liked it so much that my table still looks exactly like this even though Easter has come and gone.


I made some cupcakes this week and topped them off the new Cool Whip Frosting. Have you tried it yet? I really liked it! Some people are all-about-the-icing people, but I prefer the lighter whipped frosting that isn't quite as overwhelmingly sweet as some from the grocery store bakeries. Plus I love regular Cool Whip, so this is right up my alley. They have it in chocolate, vanilla and cream cheese, and you can find it in the freezer section right next to the regular Cool Whip.

Cool Whip has a Pinterest board filled with recipes using the frosting, so the possibilities are endless.  I had some left over after icing my cupcakes, so I have been adding a little spoonful to my plain greek yogurt to sweeten it up. Very tasty (and less calories than my other favorite thing to put in greek yogurt, peanut butter)!


You know how sometimes you get into a "funk" and don't even know why? Is that just me? Sometimes everything in my life is going just fine but I just don't feel enthused about anything. My mood becomes what I like to call "blah." I've never really known how to properly describe it, but this blogger struck the nail on the head when she described the "doldrums" and how to bring yourself out of it. I thought it was a really good read. 


Did you watch The Bible on the History Channel? I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to others. Sometimes I have a hard time remember Bible stories, and I feel like seeing them acted out really helps cement them in your mind. I'm not saying it's perfectly accurate because they did have to develop some characters and add some extra interest to some parts, but I think it was a completely non-cheesy, well-produced show about the most famous book in the world. I kept thinking how expensive it must have been to produce. You can buy the full series, The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, on Amazon. I think they're selling it at Walmart, too– I saw a sign for it at the front of the store.


What do you have planned this weekend? The husband is having some of his college friends come over for a bromantic golfing weekend, so I think I'll have some free time to hang with my best friend and look for treasures at the thrift store. Overall it should be pretty relaxing, which is always great!

* Have a great weekend! *

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