Offer Accepted!

Well folks, it looks like we bought a house!

When I left off on Friday morning, we knew we were the first offer on the home. There were 10 showings that day (the first day on the market), so we had a feeling more offers might come in. By mid-Friday, we knew that we were now one of four offers on the property. Ugh, another bidding war! We knew we'd have to raise our original offer since we were now facing stiff competition, so we went back and forth trying to figure out what to do. We really wanted this home, but it was toward the top of our budget and we didn't want to go crazy and overpay. In the end, we offered full asking price and asked to keep the refrigerator.

The realtor met with his sellers at 5 pm on Friday night to pick the winning bid. When our realtor called to give us the news, we were shocked that we actually got the house! I was speaking to her on the phone, so I gave the husband a big grin and a thumbs up. I hung up the phone and said, "I totally feel like we are on House Hunters right now." I always thought it was funny how the couples just sit in a restaurant and wait for news from the realtor, but that was exactly what we were doing! We already had a date night planned for Friday long before this house came on the market, so we happened to be sitting outside on the patio at this trendy restaurant when the call came through. It was so scripted- haha!

Now we're in the option period, so we'll be having the inspection this week and going through that process. I don't want to share too much until it's all finalized, but I will share with you the part that really sold us on the house– the backyard!

Here's a picture from the MLS listing. The lot isn't that huge, but we were completely smitten with the fact that it backs to a creek. It feels like we are off in the woods, even though we are right in the middle of a busy suburb in Dallas/Fort Worth. The back of the house is filled with windows that look out to the peaceful surroundings. It creates a very relaxing feeling that we couldn't resist!

This city where we bought the home is relatively new, and most neighborhoods were built between 1993-2000. The only problem with that is the lack of "mature" neighborhoods with big trees and nice landscaping, which is what we really wanted. We stumbled upon this tiny hidden neighborhood and were drawn in by the gorgeous trees and greenbelt area. It's just what we hoped to find! There hasn't been a home sold in this neighborhood in two years, so I guess people like it there and tend to stay. That's always a good sign!

I'll share one more photo with you because I think it will be one of our first projects in the new home and I'd love to hear your thoughts. This is the den, which is located right off the kitchen. I love the built in cabinets around the fireplace, but I definitely want to paint them to brighten up the room. That oak just doesn't do it for me. (Don't kill me, natural wood lovers!)

What color should we paint them? The kitchen cabinets are a warm white, so I was leaning toward using that color in this room so they can tie in together. But I also think a warm grey/beige could be nice. Or we could do white cabinetry with dark backgrounds like Young House Love. What do you think? I already have plans to resurface the fireplace, too. I think this room can be a "wow" when we're done with it!

I'll be honest, my feelings are all over the place right now. I'm thrilled that we got the house, and it's super fun to visualize what we can do with it. It's a wonderful house, and I think it's the perfect long-term home for us. I get warm fuzzies when I think about living there for many years and raising a family inside those walls. On the other hand, it's quite hard to think about letting go of so much cash that we've worked so hard to save. Then I remind myself that this was the whole reason we were saving up in the first place, but it's still a little scary. It's such a BIG purchase!

As I mentally process through the excitement and nerves, I move on to feeling overwhelmed with the to-do list. We've got to get through the inspection process, appraisal and all that other fun home-buying stuff. Then we need to start packing our current house up to make the moving process as smooth as possible. We also need to ready this house for our first tenants, which means some small paint touch-ups, some changes to the locks, little jobs like that. We need to work out the rental contract, figure out a moving date... The list goes on and on.

No one ever said moving was easy, but I know it's worth it. Can I snap my fingers and have all the heavy lifting be over already? If only it were that easy...

* Time to find some boxes *

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  1. Congratulations! Can't wait to see more pictures. :) Totally hear you on the oak cabinets. I have some in my kitchen and have deliberated for months on what to do with them. Good luck during the rest of the process!

  2. Congratulations, Jordan! Can't wait to hear more about it and see more photos.

    I'm loving (seriously jealous of) that symmetrical wall in your den. Warm white would look beautiful. What a great room! It reminds me of this one:

  3. Yay!!! Nothing like a fresh canvas for an artist! Congrats!

  4. I paint oak too! :-)
    I think a white would be very classy looking with a great color on the walls.

  5. Hooray!!! Congratulations Jordan and Scott, what an absolutely exciting time for you! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to read about finding the right home for your family.

    I totally agree and think a warm white with perhaps a grey/taupe backing would look marvelous. If you wanted to go a little more moddern you could keep the current cabinet doors, paint them warm white, and paint grey on the cut out borders?!

    Best of luck and I can't wait to see and read how it turns out ;) I also REALLY hope you are moved in by Memorial Day weekend haha! That would be AMAZING to see you and the house!


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