Cool Book Page Wall

I'm sorry about the lack of blog posts lately! Things have been so hectic between our jobs and the house hunting (no luck so far, unfortunately), so I haven't been able to work on the blog as much as I'd like.

I thought I'd pop in to show you this really great book page wall I saw at the Wisteria store. Wisteria is one of my favorite places for inspiration. It's located near my work, so sometimes I drop by the store on my lunch break to check out the latest products and admire the beautiful vignettes.

This wall treatment would be so easy to accomplish, and it creates this great texture that is super cozy and inviting. I'd love to have a wall like this in my office, studio, craft room, etc. Perhaps wallpapering your library with book pages in your library is too literal, but hey, why not?

Have you spotted any inspiration lately? What are your favorite stores for getting ideas? I'd count Anthropologie, Wisteria and West Elm as my top three.

* Book worm *

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