Small House, Big Rug! + more

Rugs were 40% off at the Pottery Barn outlet this weekend, so you can probably guess how this story is going to go...

I made the husband pull out and unroll several huge rugs (no small task– muscles definitely necessary) and we eventually found a [big] beautiful rug we both loved. WIN!

Here's the winner: Ikat Links rug from West Elm! We got a great deal, paying only $288 for the 9x12 size, which is selling for $850 on the West Elm site.

Ikat Links rug, West Elm

We loaded it into our truck (along with all of our other purchases) and started the three hour drive home. That's when the situation got a little hairy. We were just cruising along the Texas countryside when the sky opened up and released its fury on us. We couldn't even see the road in front of us when we were driving, that's how hard the rain was coming down.

We white-knuckled it through the storm safely, and we rushed the rug out of the truck as soon as we got to my parents' house. This was the scene in the eat-in kitchen on Saturday night:

The good news is, the rug didn't get nearly as wet as we feared. We let it air out overnight and it was good as new, with no extra odor. Phew!

I am so pleased with how it looks in our living room! It really ties the space together and makes it feel complete. 

The rug is almost too big for our tiny space, which is a nice problem to have! I never thought we'd be able to afford a 9x12 for this space, so it feels like such a luxury. You have to love outlet prices!

So what else did we buy?

Well, I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that we've been searching for a filing cabinet. We came home with FIVE filing cabinets! That's right, the husband went crazy at the Pottery Barn outlet, buying up all the file cabinets. We just couldn't resist, since each one was marked down to only $5! 

What's the catch? Well, none of the cabinets have tops. They are each pedestals meant to be part of custom desks, so the top is open like this one:

Printer's 3-Drawer File Pedestal, Pottery Barn
These cabinets retail for $339, so paying only $5 (a whopping 98.5% off!) was just too good to pass up. I mean, the hardware is worth more than $5! Now we have five of these cabinets, and all are different colors, styles, hardware, etc. The husband plans to craft tops for each one out of different materials and either give them to our friends or sell them on Craigslist. Can you believe he bought about $1,700 worth of cabinets for $25? Not too shabby! (I'm happy to report they were not damaged by the rain storm we encountered on the way home.)

My best friend asked me to look for photo ledges for her bedroom, and I found her two white 5" Holman Ledges for $5 each (normal price: $55). Another great find!

One of my favorite sections of the Pottery Barn outlet is the kid/teen section. I guess I'm still young at heart? I can always find good deals in that part of the store. This time I found another capiz chandelier. (Last time I went to this Pottery Barn outlet, I bought 3 capiz chandeliers and a capiz baby mobile, including the West Elm capiz chandelier in our dining room.)

If we end up moving and renting this house out, we want to take that West Elm chandelier with us. Yes, I absolutely love it that much– I can't bear to part with it. I thought this Classic Capiz Chandelier from Pottery Barn Teen would be a nice replacement. I'm not sure how much it used to sell for since it's not available anymore, but we paid $60. I figured that's a pretty good price for a dining room chandelier. This similar (but not as pretty, in my opinion) fixture is $780 at Shades of Light.

Classic Capiz Chandelier, PB Teen
Also found in the PB Teen section, a lap desk with a built in iPhone dock and speakers! This is such a great find for me because between my real job and my blogging hobby, I spend a lot of time with my laptop. It always gets hot and heats up my legs as I'm working, so this is an awesome solution. I got the sheepskin one, which is very soft and neutral (and doesn't scream teenager). Original price: $189. I paid $15. Score. And the speakers work great!

Speaker Lap Desk, PB Teen
And that's not even all we bought! Yes, we spent hours in that store. Our last purchase was this cool industrial shelf– Kendall Wall-Mount Shelf– for $40 (original price $112). It's going to be perfect below the pencil art in my studio and ties in perfectly with the industrial magazine rack I already have hanging in that room. 

Kendall Wall Mount Shelf, Pottery Barn
All in all, it was a very successful shopping day. My parents found some great stuff too, so everyone went home happy. My mom bought the $399 Hudson Media Console from West Elm for only $40! 

Of course you never know what type of deals you'll get at an outlet mall, but we always hope to find great bargains that make the 3-hour drive worth our time. This time we definitely did!

I'll be back with another post soon with an update on the [increasingly frustrating] house hunt.  
PS. I finally updated the Home Tour! It was quite a bit outdated– I'm sorry about that!

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