Randoms & Happy Weekend

This weekend we are jetting off to one of my favorite discount shopping destinations, the San Marcos outlet mall! We're going to go visit my parents, who are the ultimate bargain shoppers. They make for excellent shopping companions, and we never leave the Pottery Barn Outlet empty handed!

In honor of my shopping trip this weekend, I decided to rank my top three bargain finds from the Pottery Barn outlet! Drumroll, please...

#3 Vanity Desk ($115, marked down from $500)

I got this desk long before I had this blog. I think I've had it about five years now, and I still love it! The best part is that when you open up the vanity on the top, it's painted a bright kelly green. So unexpected!

#2 West Elm Capiz Chandelier ($50, marked down from $300)

I'm in love with this chandelier. It completely changed our dining room when we hung it up above our table. Hellooo, stylish!

And now, my favorite Pottery Barn bargain ever...

#1 Montego Straight Leg Dining Table ($215, marked down from $1,600)

This table was QUITE a bargain. In fact, it was such a bargain that we actually made money by buying this table! That's right, I sold it on Craigslist a few weeks ago when we found our thrift store dining table, and I made a $285 profit! Now that's a good purchase.

I hope to find more steals this weekend!


Since we've started house hunting, I've had remodeling fever. In every home we see online, I picture how much better it would look with new flooring and a coat of paint on the cabinets. I call my realtor to talk about its potential, and I find out it already sold! I guess the home market is busy everywhere right now with people like us trying to take advantage of low interest rates.

Anyway, I've been pinning some beautiful spaces as inspiration.

Beautiful entry via Pinterest
Griege kitchen with brass hardware, via Pinterest

I know I've been talking about this story for weeks now in my Friday Randoms column, but it just keeps getting better. Watch this clip of a player from my brother's basketball team on the Ellen show. His name is Jonathan, and he's the one who passed the ball to Mitchell (a player from the other team with special needs) so he could score a basket. I get really teary watching how emotional Mitchell is when he's on stage. So awesome.

The NCAA is sponsoring both teams to come to Dallas to watch the Sweet 16 and Elite 8, so I get to see my brother! I'm really excited about that. This act of sportsmanship has just been the gift that keeps on giving, and I know it's something my brother and the players involved will remember all of their lives. It has made my brother's first season as head coach even more memorable and is a reminder of how great sports can be.


On of my favorite bloggers, Erin from House of Earnest, has started a series called "Budget Blooms" that gives details about flower arrangements. I love the simple way she explains things and the beautiful images that accompany her posts. She has an amazing eye. Check it out!


That's all I've got for today! Have a wonderful weekend.

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