Randoms & Happy Weekend

It was one of those weeks that flew by and also seemed to take forever. Do you ever have those?

We've been doing a lot of house hunting this week. On Monday, we lost out on another house. Get this: The seller got so many offers the first day (above asking price) that he took his home off the market and put it back up the next day priced $15k higher! This is craziness.

After that debacle, we ventured outside our small town to the neighboring community where the husband works. It's very similar to our town, but it's a bigger city so it has more selection. You can get more for your money, and you won't be in a bidding war on every house. We found a really nice home and made an offer last night, so we'll see what happens! It's SO different from our current home so I'm really intrigued by having a different challenge. I'll keep you posted, of course.


Have you seen this newspaper clipping on Pinterest? Isn't it crazy how times have changed? We women would be so much more relaxed and grateful for our bodies if our mentality was still like this. Sigh.

via Pinterest


The house we're considering is red brick, which isn't my favorite type. I was looking for options when I stumbled upon this house in Southern Living that went from red brick to a soft, muted grey. Isn't it gorgeous? They did it with a lime wash.

via Southern Living

 I tried this quinoa recipe, but it was just so-so. I'm still looking for better options! Let me know if you know any good recipes...


Have you heard of Creating with the Stars? It's a blog contest pitting some of the most creative people around in a battle of ingenuity and resourcefulness. I was totally blown away by this DIY version of the West Elm wood tile dresser. How great does this look?! Go to the link above to see this and more amazing, inspiration DIY projects.

via East Coast Creative

Do you have fun plans this weekend? We're hosting some friends for a little cookout tonight and then relaxing on Saturday and Sunday. I'm hoping to squeeze in some little Easter crafts as I prepare to host some of my family members next weekend for the holiday.

* Have a wonderful weekend! *

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