Randoms & Happy Weekend

Good morning!

Let's start the randomness off with a little update on our house hunt:

We are on offer #3 right now. I told you about the first offer we made and how we got nervous that it was too expensive for us. We're terrified of being house poor!

Since then, the selection of homes in our price range has completely depleted to almost nothing. Literally, there is only one home on the market in our range right now! Because the selection is so small and so many people want to buy a house in our area (great school district, central location in DFW), every home that has come on the market since has immediately gone into a bidding war.

We put a full price offer on a nice home in a great neighborhood earlier this week, and then the seller's agent got back to us with a long list of requirements for us to make on our "best offer." I'm sorry buddy, that was our best offer. Don't you know we don't pay full price for anything?! It's a miracle we offered you full asking price!

Anyway, we withdrew our offer from that home and moved on. The next day, a really adorable and more affordable home came on the market that we really thought would be a good fit for us. Once again, we made a full price offer. Apparently the seller is "overwhelmed by the response," which means we must have been joined by several other offers (of course). We are hoping to find out by tonight whether or not our offer has been accepted, which is not looking promising at this point.

The worst part about this crazy housing market is that we can't really get excited about a home because we know the odds aren't good that our offer will be the one that's accepted. It's a self protection mechanism to restrain your enthusiasm, you know? The competition is fierce, and we aren't willing to overpay. The fortunate part is that we have a lovely home anyway and we aren't desperate, so we keep trying to remind ourselves of that reality. It's easy to get swept up in the competitive spirit and throw down a bunch of money, but that would be a bad decision.

So, that's where we are right now. As always, I will keep you posted! So far it's been an exercise in patience and restraint. We're getting good practice in trusting our instincts and waiting for God to open the right door (and not getting mad when a door closes).


These are some of my favorite Instagram photos of late (@jordang106):

Rolling through the Texas countryside 

Backseat road trip warriors

Peekaboo doughnut/You are what you eat


The husband has been working on random projects during his spring break this week. I already showed you his adorable doggy fence windows, which have been a huge hit with the nuggets so far. He also pressure-washed the fence, planted a pear tree transported from our friend's yard, reupholstered the center console in his Chevy Silverado (random, I know), and rewired his vintage fan from the flea market. I can't wait to see what he does next! Haha.


Am I the last person on earth to discover quinoa? I finally made some this week and actually liked it! I can't say the same for the husband– he basically hated it. Oh well. I have a big batch of plain quinoa in the fridge– what should I do with it? Please let me know if you have any good recipes!


Do you have fun plans this weekend? We are making a day trip to east Texas tomorrow to visit some of our best friends who just had a baby. The rest of the weekend will [hopefully] be calm and uneventful. Who knows, maybe we'll have a new house by the next time we talk!

* Have a Great Weekend*

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