Randoms & Happy Weekend

Happy Friday!

Last week I mentioned that my brother's basketball team (he's the high school basketball coach at our old school in El Paso) made national news for passing the ball to a special needs player on the opposing team so that he could score a point. The amazing, heartwarming story has officially gone viral! I wanted to share some links with you so you could watch the story and tear up just like I did when you see how kindhearted high school kids can be. It restores your faith in humanity somehow.

Huffington Post

Here are some screen shots of Troy Aikman and Chris Paul tweeting about it! How cool is that?


We're trying to make some big decisions over here. We had some realtors come over to our house tonight (!!!) to tell us what our home would potentially sell for and what we could afford to buy. (Surprise, we are thinking about buying a bigger home!) Decisions, decisions, decisions... We have a lot to chew on this weekend!

This is the tastiest string cheese around. It's delicious. Try it!


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I hope you have a lovely weekend. We don't have big plans, so we're looking forward to resting and relaxing. See you next week!

* TGIF *


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