Just an update on the house we offered on last Sunday:

We were in the middle of sending the seller another counter offer when we had a change of heart.

I'm a girl who likes to trust her instincts. And despite the fact that the lenders said the home was well within our means, my instincts started gnawing at me on Monday.  


What if the price is stretching us too thin? I don't want us to get into a rough financial situation because we decided we could afford a house beyond our comfort zone. And what if we have kids in the near future? How much does that cost? How can we plan for those elements and know we'll be financially secure?

Later that night, I confided to the husband that I was slightly worried about the finances. He admitted that he had been wrestling with the same issues. We've had a very reasonable house payment for the past three years that has allowed us to travel, renovate and basically have a lot of fun without constant financial stress. We didn't want to curb our lifestyle just to be able to pay our mortgage each month, and we don't know what the future will bring when we try to start a family. Money stress is really hard in marriage, and we didn't think it was a good idea to knowingly bring it upon ourselves.

As sad as we were to watch the awesome house slip out of our grasp, we decided the wise thing to do was to withdraw our offer on the home.

I like to think this situation was a gentle reminder from God that we are to be wise stewards of the blessings He has bestowed upon us, and I believe God was nudging my heart to have that talk with my husband before it was too late. 

Anyway, the hunt is still on. We still want to move, and we still want to keep our home as a rental property. We have just lowered our price range to something we feel is much more comfortable for us.

The down side? This affluent suburb has only 4 properties for sale right now in that price range, and we don't like any of them enough on paper to go tour the inside.

We'll just stay patient and keep watching the market. We're hopeful that more homes will come on the market after spring break next week. We'll see!

* Thanks for listening *
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