Randoms, FREE Valentine's Day Prints & Happy Weekend

Traveling to Washington, DC for business made this week fly by in a blur! I have a few days to rest and recuperate before I go to Pheonix on Sunday. I'm racking up some serious Rapid Rewards points this month!

Speaking of Rapid Rewards points... If you are a member of the Southwest Airlines loyalty program and like to get points any way you can, I recommend doing a couple of things to get extra points:

1) Sign up for Rapid Rewards Email Updates. Today's email alerted me that I can get 1,250-3,000 extra points if I buy Valentine's Day flowers through the Southwest/Teleflora partnership. If you're going to buy flowers anyway, you might as well get bonus points!

2) Sign up for Rapid Rewards Shopping. If you're an online shopper, you can earn all sorts of points on the items you buy.

3) Sign up for Rapid Rewards Dining. We eat out a lot, so we've been earning extra points by going to some of our favorite restaurants that are partnered with Southwest. Macaroni Grill is the main one we visit (half-price wine on Thursdays, woohoo!).

We also have the Rapid Rewards Credit Card, which is how we earn the majority of our points. We also scope out the Southwest website for deals on hotels and rental cars when we book trips. The other day we got 1,000 points for buying our TurboTax through their website, which was great because we always do our taxes with TurboTax anyway. Win/win!

I'm not being paid by Southwest to mention this stuff– just thought I would share how we try to make the most of that rewards system. 


Last weekend I made some pink and white tissue flowers just for kicks. Aren't they cute? Just a fun little touch of pink for Valentine's Day...

I got bored on my flight back from DC, so I decided to make some simple Valentine's Day prints. You can download them and print them out for your own house!

This first one was inspired by Duck Dynasty, one of our favorite shows. Let's hear it for wholesome TV! (One of the main characters always uses the phrase "Happy, happy, happy."
 Download this print for FREE here.  
I call this one "Love Nest." 
Download this FREE print here.


Check out these links for Valentine's Day projects on this blog from past years...

And of course our latest chalkboard door, decked out in the languages of love.

Last year I made these heart cookies out of Oreo Cakesters, and my husband basically thought they were the best thing ever created. This year I'm going with these peanut butter & Reeses heart cookies. They look AMAZING, don't you think? I'm a sucker for anything with Reeses. 


Well, I'm off to start packing for my next trip... Have a great weekend!

* Sleep-in Saturday *

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