Thrift Shop Challenge Part II

When we left off yesterday, I was about to reveal what I bought at the thrift store with my $20 for the Macklemore Thrift Store Challenge.

I had five good options, but in the end I decided to go with one that shined– the brass magazine rack!

The little $12 treasure features two big interior trends in one accessory: campaign hardware and brass. That's what made me feel like it was a good purchase. Plus I am a magazine junkie, and I can always use cute magazine racks.

When I saw it, it reminded me of this awesome brass chest that Emily Henderson was giving away on her blog. Emily is basically the queen of brass so I think of her anytime I see something in brass at the thrift store. 

I also liked the fact that my little rack was a local Texas product.

I did a quick online search and found one very similar to mine (although in much better condition).

Now that I have the magazine rack, there are two questions:

1) What do I do with the inside– paint it? Obviously the waferwood has to go, whatever that is!
2) Where should I put it?

So what do you think? I need ideas!

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