Randoms & Happy Weekend

Are you looking forward to the weekend? I have to work an event my company is hosting here in Dallas, so I don't have anything fun planned. Oh well. Luckily my job doesn't spill over into my weekends very often, so I can't really complain.

The husband got me the cutest camera strap for my new Nikon this Christmas. It's really affordable, too! This company sells them on Amazon for only $9, and they have tons of patterns available. I was torn between this one and the leopard one, but in the end I'm a polka dot girl.

Bluecell AR-001 Black Color with White Dots Digital SLR Camera Camcorder Neck Shoulder Straps Belt for Canon Nikon Samsung Olympus Sony Fujifilm Panasonic


If you live in Dallas, Houston or Austin, you simply must try Tiff's Treats. I'd never heard of this company before (living under a rock?), but they are a delicious cookie delivery service. They guarantee the cookies will be delivered nice and warm! My awesome friend had these delivered to my office the other day, and my coworkers were very happy campers as I passed around this cookie box. Yep, they were warm and gooey. Delightful!

I think this could be the perfect thing for the husband who doesn't really like Valentine's Day gifts but would never turn down a box of warm cookies. Am I the only one with a husband like that?

Are you a monthly planner person? I buy one every year, even though I'm perfectly capable of entering events on my iPhone calendar. There's just something about writing stuff in a planner that excites me. I like having those calendar events to look forward to! I bought this $10 linen planner at Target and it's working perfectly for me. You can view the monthly overview (my favorite) and then write more detailed notes on each day.

As part of my plan to get focused on what really matters this year, I've started having a daily quiet time during my lunch hour at work. I'm doing a Bible reading plan in which you read through the New Testament in a year. I'm using the YouVerse app to help me remember and keep track of where I am, and it's very helpful. I love that it sends me little reminders each day around lunchtime to help me stay on the reading plan. You know how it is– if you fall too far behind, you'll never catch up!

The lunchtime devotional break has been a real blessing so far, helping me take a breather and step back from the stress of the workday to refocus. I used to do my reading before bed, but I was always too tired and sleepy to retain the information. I'm finding that my brain is better at noon than midnight– shocker, I know.

The husband and I are going to Florida for a wedding in February, and we're debating which theme park to visit during our one day in Orlando. What do you think– Disney World, Epcot or Universal Studios? I'd love to get your input!

* Happy Friday *

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