New Master Bathroom Upgrades

First of all, let me wish you a Happy New Year! I find this time of year very energizing, don't you? So many new beginnings and new opportunities...

I snapped this iPhone picture of the bubbles in my champagne glass last night. I love it! So festive.

Alright, let's talk bathrooms. I love our house, but the bathrooms leave a lot to be desired. The master bathroom and guest bathroom are the same size (size small), with just enough room for one sink, a toilet and a bathtub/shower. No frills, that's for sure.

When we first bought the home, one of the first things we did was renovate the master bathroom. We immediately fixed the broken shower, retiled the shower and floor, and installed a new vanity. We tore out the shower door and bulkhead and installed a sheet of glass for a more modern look. We ditched the two-tone toilet look and replaced the lid with a matching white version, and we got a new showerhead. It was a major improvement right away.

This is the bathroom when we bought the house (note the grimy shower with the broken drain):

And then after the initial renovations:

The bathrooms are so compact that the husband and I decided right away that we wouldn't share. This bathroom is mine, and he uses the guest bathroom that he renovated himself. (That one looks so much better, too.) It's right outside our bedroom door, so it's pretty convenient for him. Plus, I'm much messier than him so he would not enjoy sharing a bathroom with me. Separate bathrooms = happy marriage!

Since it's my own bathroom, I am allowed to do whatever I want with the colors and decor. (Yay!) When I got bored with the grey/white look, I decided to spice things up with some touches of hot pink. That's right, hot pink! I'm the only one who uses this bathroom, so my motto was, "Why not?"

I painted the mirror and added some free DIY art.

I loved the pink and kept it that way for more than a year, but recently I got restless and wanted to tweak it again. I started casually looking for a more interesting mirror to put above the sink.

Wisteria had one of its awesome warehouse sales back in early December, so of course I had to go see if there was anything I couldn't live without. When I spotted this mirror ($100, on sale from $400), I immediately loved how it resembled an old window. Now it has a home in my bathroom, and I'm completely in love with it.
I think it adds some architectural interest to a room with no windows and no natural light. It's a lovely view from my side of the bed!

Since the mirrors are not distorted and my face falls right in the middle of one of the panes, the fact that it has a grid pattern across it don't bother me at all. Not to worry, it's still functional for primping!

When your bathroom is this small, storage is at a premium. That photo display above the toilet is actually my jewelry cabinet, and I spray painted it with a pewter color to help it go with the bathroom. I didn't paint the inside, so you can see what the finish was before in the picture below. That dark brown was not working in the space, so the silvery spray paint really helped.

I also have another medicine cabinet across from the toilet that houses all of my makeup and hair products. Luckily I'm not that into hair and makeup, so I don't have that much stuff!

Whatever doesn't fit in those two cabinets has a home inside the vanity. It ends up being functional, but not exactly luxurious. Oh well, we're not used to luxury anyway!

This modest bathroom has come along way since we bought it, don't you think?

In case you're wondering, the vanity is from HomeGoods, and the toilet is from Home Depot. The jewelry cabinet is from JCPenney. As stated above, the mirror is from Wisteria.

I think we're to the point with this house where we are making tweaks instead of undergoing extensive renovation projects. The major projects have been finished, so now we can just upgrade and refine the rooms as we go. This bathroom is a good example of refining– simply hanging a new mirror and artwork instead of a major overhaul. Easy and affordable, just the way I like it.

So what do you think? Do you have any other ideas for how we can make this small master bathroom more "masterful?"

* Hello, 2013! *

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