Blast from the Past

About four years ago, the future husband and I went to an estate sale in the tiny Texas town where he was going to college. We were hoping to furnish his little rental house for mere pennies. The home turned out to be a time capsule, AKA a treasure trove for lovers of mid century furniture and design. The others at the auction didn't seem to know that mid century stuff was back in style, so no one wanted any of that "ugly" furniture except me!

I think we spent less than $200 that day, and we came home with two sofas, my favorite chair (only $5!), a pool table ($25!), a WWII rifle (for my father in law's collection), a box of art supplies, and a huge box of vintage books and more stuff that I can't even remember.

One of the vintage books was a 1960 edition of Interior Decoration, from the editors of House & Gardens magazine, filled with decorating tips and inspirational images. I thought you might enjoy seeing how current many of these images from 1960 still are today!

Here's some of that bamboo furniture that's back en vogue right now...

This yellow lacquer buffet is pretty awesome.

I love the stripes in this room. This could totally be in House Beautiful right now!

I love this work/play space. Looks like Flor tile! The built in desks are awesome.

Oddly enough, half the book was in color and half was in black and white. These beds are such a statement, and I am in love with them. I'd totally buy them if I stumbled upon them at a flea market or something.

A moravian star pendant! I want one of these so badly!

I love the menswear fabric as upholstery and the great chandelier.

Look at this beautiful outdoor space! There is nothing dated about it whatsoever.

Check out this awesome gallery wall...

And I love these built-in storage units, custom made to include a dollhouse. That is the stuff of my childhood dreams! 

So, what do you think? Which 1960 space is your favorite? Isn't it amazing how something that was decorated more than 50 years ago could still look stylish? 

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