San Francisco & Canvas Winner

Well, we are back from our quick getaway to San Francisco and frantically trying to catch up on everything! Before I go through some pictures, I'd like to announce that the winner of the free photo canvas (chosen by random number generator) is:

Erica {Let Why Lead}

Erica said,  "I have an 8x10 canvas of my older son in their room, but I'd love to add one of my younger son!" 

Congrats Erica! Printcopia will be emailing you a discount code to redeem for the free canvas. 


It's become a bit of an annual tradition to take a trip with the hubs this time of year. We I call it the "we survived football season" getaway. So far we've been to Chicago, Jamaica and Italy. This year we chose to make a quick little trip to San Francisco!

We didn't plan an itinerary for this trip and decided we would just wing it. We carried on our luggage and were very flexible, which came in handy when we were stuck in the airport in Los Angeles. We considered just having a Los Angeles vacation instead, but we were able to fly standby on a flight to Oakland, which apparently cancels less flights than the San Francisco airport! 

We dealt with some bad weather in the beginning, but it was just part of the adventure. Once it cleared up, it was beautiful. Both of us have really sore calf muscles since we tallied almost 25 miles walked over the weekend, most of it up a very steep incline! (Any calories burned while walking were completely negated by Ghirardelli chocolate ice cream sundaes and clam chowder.)

We walked and ate and Instagrammed our way through the beautiful city by the bay...

Nice view.


Sea Salt Caramel Hot Cocoa via Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square

Umbrella fashion

Golden Gate Park

When it rains, think braid.

From the bottom of Lombard St, aka Crooked St!

From the top of Lombard St.

First Irish coffee ever served in the US

We buy an ornament from every vacation, and we picked this one for San Fran.

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