Oh Christmas Tree

This year we decided to upgrade our Christmas tree. The past two years we have used the tree that was left behind by the former owner of the house. It was a very tall tree, which is odd because our house doesn't have high ceilings. You could only put it in one spot of the living room, otherwise it was too tall! That frustrated me because I had the perfect spot for the tree, but the ceiling height wasn't working. Then the lights stopped working on the tree, so we finally decided to spring for a new one.

We did a lot of online shopping before Black Friday, scouting out which ones we liked the best and comparing prices and features. We ended up falling for this 7.5' Jasper Fir at Michael's. I loved the unique texture of the branches and thought it looked more real than others. It was nice and full, and the perfect height.

Naturally, I had to try to get the best price. (Who knew Christmas trees were so expensive, by the way?) On the Sunday before Black Friday, they were having a sale for 50% off all Christmas trees. Then I got an email that said if I came between 4 pm and 9 pm that day, I could use a 40% off coupon on any item in the store, including sale items. I checked at 2 pm, and there was only one Jasper Fir left. I killed time at the Target next door, hoping that the tree would still be there at 4. Luckily for us, it was! I've been back to that Michael's several times since then, and they still don't have any more Jasper Firs. We got the last one!


We don't have a theme for our tree– it's just a bunch of ornaments that have sentimental value. This year I added the last remnants of my West Elm capiz shell garland (no longer available), which gives it some extra shimmer. I used that garland to make one of my favorite wreaths, and these are the leftovers. I also used it as party decor here. Versatile stuff, that capiz garland.

The top of the tree couldn't support our heavy star, so I just used a $1 red bow. I love those things– so cheap and instantly festive!
One of our traditions is to buy an ornament from each place we've traveled for vacations in our marriage, and it's so fun to pull them out of the box and reminisce about those trips. So far we've got a sparkly shell from Jamaica, a Murano glass hot air balloon from Venice, a beach chair from Charleston and a cable car from San Francisco.

The tree has some DIY ornaments from my Mod Podge phase, too. Who am I kidding– I still love Mod Podge!

Here are a couple more of my favorites. (The sparkly football and volleyball always make me smile– do you know how hard it is to find cute volleyball ornaments? I got that both of those at the Neiman Marcus outlet, of all places.)

Let me indulge myself in some puppy cuteness with this last photo. They are just so adorable!

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