Holiday Things to Buy Right Now

Now that the Christmas holiday has passed, the holiday stuff is officially on sale. (Fist pump!) I love a good bargain, so naturally I'm all about post-holiday sales. I like to look for these types of things when I go out shopping after Christmas:

1. Wrapping Paper
The key here is to get wrapping paper that's not necessarily "holiday." Avoid the Santa heads and buy the simple polka dots or whatever other pattern would work for any occasion. I stocked up on some beautiful wrapping paper at Marshall's on Wednesday that was $1/roll. It was 65% off because of the holiday sale, but these patterns can work for weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, etc. Check out the golden faux bois! (Forgive the iPhone pictures...)

You may want to buy a couple of boxes of Christmas cards for 75% off too, while you're at it. That way you're not running to Walmart at midnight looking for generic holiday cards like I was this year!

2. Holiday Decor You Wished You Had This Year
For example, we have now gone through three Christmas celebrations without a tree skirt. Every year I say I will make one, every year I forget to do it. So when I spotted this simple off white tree skirt with a shimmery taupe border for $10 at Marshall's, I had to snatch it up. It's super neutral, so I can use it every year even if I change the theme of the tree. Can't beat $10 for an extra large tree skirt!

3. Holiday Decor You Couldn't Normally Afford
Right now, Wisteria is having a 75% off sale on its holiday decor. This means that all of the beautiful holiday stuff is finally within my budget!  My team at work gave me a $50 gift card to Wisteria, so of course I had to go check out the holiday sale.

I came home with a beautiful square preserved boxwood wreath that I can hang year-round (marked down from $180 to $44) and a 12 inch mercury glass ornament for $6. I love the mercury glass ornament so much that I'm going back to today to get  a few more for next Christmas. I wouldn't normally be able to afford a bunch of huge glass ornaments for the regular price of $24/each, but the 75% off discount gives me the chance to get this really unique, statement-making decoration to enjoy next year. Even the husband agreed I should go back and get more of these– well, you don't have to tell me twice!

(Sorry for the junky picture. My dining table is in complete disarray right now!)

4. More "Holiday" Stuff You Can Use Year-Round
Do you normally have a wreath hanging on your front door? Maybe you want to hang one on the inside, like I did with the boxwood? Well then, you should buy this silver branch wreath holder that's on sale for $13.99 at West Elm. I'm totally in love with it– so much so that I bought it yesterday! (Free shipping, of course.)

5. Presents For Yourself
 Why? Because you probably got gift cards for Christmas and want to stretch that free money during the post-holiday sales! The Target + Neiman Marcus collection is already 50% off, so it's the perfect time to buy yourself that really rich-looking Lela Rose top you've been wanting. (No? Just me?)
Plus you've been wanting to buy one of those trendy Fair Isle/grandma sweaters, and now it's half off at Old Navy!

6. Hot Cocoa & Candy
I don't know about you, but hot cocoa is still important to me after the holidays. After all, it's still cold outside. A lot of places package the hot cocoa with festive mugs in holiday gift sets, so those are all on sale right now. Same goes for Christmas chocolates and other holiday foods that still taste great on Dec. 26 and beyond. Your New Year's resolution to diet can wait!

7. Patio String Lights 
What's the difference between patio lights and white Christmas lights? Not much. Go the bargain route and buy some festive twinkle lights to use year-round during the holiday sale.

Will you be out spending your holiday cash this weekend? Or are you needing to save after an expensive holiday? Either way, I hope your weekend is great!

* Can't wait to see Les Mis! *

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