Yellow, Grey and Pink Baby Shower

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Here are some of the photos from the baby shower I hosted this weekend. We (my cohosts and myself) were very pleased with how it came out!

I'll let the photos do most of the talking...

How cute is the watermelon baby carriage? Also on the menu: cream cheese roll-ups and salsa, honey wheat pretzels, potato chips, pettifores, fruit and fruit dip, chocolate chip cookie cups with fruit topping and pineapple almond punch!

Is that a rug on the table? Yes. But I washed it! I knew the nursery features grey chevron bedding, so I had to use the rug! Buy it here. I also decorated the table with small gerbera daisy arrangements and a sparkly "E" for Emory from Hobby Lobby. See those notebooks on the table? Those were the prizes for the shower games, and I bought them at Target.

One of my favorite parts is the chalkboard. I had a lot of fun working on that. I think I'm going to keep it there on the hearth and add a little Thanksgiving message.

I made the name banner with some rope (leftover from the mirror project) and scrapbook paper. Piece of cake. The adorable baby hats and socks are from Target. 

All the guests signed the Dr. Seuss book by writing messages to the baby. It will be fun for the child to see those notes when she gets older. 

I wrote about how I made the DIY Diaper Cake yesterday, so check that out if you want more details.

What shower games did we play?

For the first one, each guest used ribbon to guess the size of the mommy-to-be's baby bump. We all laughed because our friend's belly is so tiny that many of us were way off on our estimates. It was basically the size of my tummy after a big lunch! Haha.

The second game was pretty funny. We froze tiny plastic babies (from Hobby Lobby) into lemonade ice cubes. Each guest had to put the ice cube in her mouth, melt away the ice until the baby was exposed. The first one to yell "My water broke!" wins. It was very funny (even more so because our ice cubes were huge)!

We all had a great time. I love baby showers even though I'm completely clueless about babies. :)

* Happy Tuesday! *
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