Randoms & Happy Weekend

We have a new roof! I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet (I've hardly been home when it's not dark), but I'll take some over the weekend. Here's a quick picture I snapped with my phone yesterday morning when I was leaving for work. It's a bit of an adjustment because we used to have a light-colored roof, but I definitely think it's an improvement.


I'm hosting a baby shower this weekend, so I started working on the decorations last night. I also cluelessly wandered around the baby section of Target because I had no idea what a "Bumpo" was. Took me forever to find it! Can you tell I haven't been around babies very much? Ha!

The good news is, I will have some cute DIY decor and food ideas from the baby shower to show you next week!


Our kickball team is suddenly legitimate now that we have real jerseys. Although we lost both games this week, so maybe the new jerseys were bad luck!


Have you ever shopped at ALDI? It's a discount grocery store we heard about from our friends. We had our first ALDI experience last weekend and really liked it. The selection is more limited than your traditional grocery store, which is one of the ways they cut costs. Also, if you are very into name brands and will only eat the "real" Lucky Charms, ALDI is not for you. They have knock-off versions of all your favorite things (and everything we tried was really tasty, so no complaints there). We definitely saved a lot of money, so I'm sure we'll be returning. I think we'll alternate our shopping between Costco, Walmart and ALDI to try to get the lowest prices on all of our standard groceries.


Do you use Mint.com to manage your finances? We just started using it a little over a week ago, and it's really awesome. (Although now I get texts from the husband like this: "What are you buying at Target? Why the heck did you do four different transactions there tonight?" because he gets spending alerts. Husband, I had to buy three baby gifts and needed three gift receipts. Then I bought my own stuff. Duh.)

Anyway, the Mint.com smartphone app is amazing. It's free. It connects to your accounts and develops a "budget" for you depending on what your average spending in that area has been for the last three months. For example, it will tell you "You have $30 remaining for gas this month" and stuff like that.


Do you have a fun weekend planned? Anything exciting? We've got another football game tonight, another game Saturday (Scott's former college team) and then the baby shower on Sunday. Of course that means I have to get the house cleaned and ready for a party!

* Happy Friday *

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