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My heart goes out to all of the Hurricane Sandy victims this week. I was transfixed by the footage on the news and couldn't believe the extensive damage in some parts of the country. If you'd like to help, consider the options on this list. One great way to contribute locally is to give blood– every little bit helps! We can also help by praying for the victims, the families whose lives have been turned upside down and for the rescue workers who are being put to the test during the aftermath.


Have you voted yet? I'm going today! I really related to this post from Jones Design Company and wanted to repost her button here:

by Jones Design Company

 We're gearing up to replace our roof next week. (Remember this crazy hail storm? Our roof took a beating.) Last weekend I went shingles shopping, which is definitely not my favorite way to spend money. I'll explain what we bought and how we saved some money on the roof replacement next week. I'm looking forward to having the new roof so we don't have to worry about that anymore– that is, until the next hail storm. Seems like we get them at least twice a year!


I'm happy to report that my red velvet cake ball eyeballs won the "most spirited" award at our office Halloween party. I won a $15 gift card to Target– maybe I should use it to score something from the new Nate Berkus line?


What do you have going on this weekend? We have a very important football game tonight. If we win, we go to playoffs! If we don't, the season is over after next week's game. It will be especially heated because we are playing our biggest rival, and they also need to win to get into playoffs. Texas high school football tension at its finest! This coach's wife will be biting her nails like crazy...

I'm going "hunting" again this Sunday at the flea market in Canton. Fingers crossed that we find some good treasures like last time!

* Have a great weekend! *

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