Raise the Roof. Literally.

We needed a new roof. We've needed one for awhile now, ever since our house was attacked by baseball-sized hail back in April.

The roof wasn't leaking or anything, so we decided to wait out the rest of the storm season and get it replaced in the fall, when the roofing companies weren't so busy and we could possibly get a better deal. 

One way we saved some money on replacing our roof was by purchasing our own shingles. That saved us about $500!

One of the least exciting shopping trips of my life was when I went to Home Depot to look at shingles. I snapped some pictures of the options I was considering:


There were basically two types of shingles to choose from: GAF 25-Year Royal Sovereign 3-Tab shingles or GAF Lifetime Timberline Natural Shadow shingles. In the photos above, the 3-tab shingles are the ones laid in a brick pattern. They are flat and one-dimensional, and they are $21.30/bundle. The natural shadow shingles have a multidimensional pattern with shingles overlapping one another, and they are $27.50/bundle.

I decided pretty quickly that I wanted the natural shadow shingles, despite the price difference. We were already saving money, and I was willing to buy the more expensive shingles to get a better looking roof.

At this point I just needed to decide on the color, which was surprisingly hard. A roof is an expensive purchase, and you don't want to choose the wrong color! It's not something that's easy to paint over, you know? 

I thought about getting grey shingles, and I thought about getting brown shingles. In the end I decided to buy the GAF Timberline Natural Shadow Barkwood shingles since they were a nice mix of brown and grey. 

Here's a picture of the house with the older roof, which was the flat, one-dimensional style. 

And here's the new roof:

What do you think of the darker color?

When they first finished the roof, I had one of those "I just dyed my blonde hair a dark color and I don't even know myself anymore" moments.  It was shocking! 

But once I studied it closer, I realized the darker roof brought out the dark color of the shutters and the door, which really made our house look better. At least, that's my opinion. It was more like a "That hair color really brings out your eyes" moment, which is a much better feeling. Haha!

What do you think? Is our house better as a blonde or brunette?

* Roof-io! Roof-io! * 
Captain Hook, anyone? 

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