Let's talk tablescapes.

I have to prepare a Christmas tablescape for a church event in late November, so it's time to start thinking Christmas. As far as I'm concerned, it's never too early for the holidays!

We did the same thing last year, and it turned into one of my most popular blog posts ever. I used pears and mercury glass accents to create an unconventional holiday tablescape.

I used this tablescape at last year's church tablescapes event (more pictures of other tables here), and it was a big hit.  We even got second place in the Centsational Girl's tablescape contest!

I've been invited to create another table for the church event this year, so I have to come up with something totally different that the pear table. This year I'm going for a classic, simple, "rich" look– very Ralph Lauren-esque. I'm calling the look "preppy equestrian."

These are some inspiration images I've pinned to my Tablescape Pinterest board.

Clockwise from top left: Ice skatesChevron Pine ConesRidingTack RoomHorseshoe

There are so many fabrics and textures we could use: plaid, black & white stripe, tweed, leather, check. I'm excited! I've been conferring with my mom to see if I can borrow some of her things (after all, I don't want to spend much money on this– I've got to be resourceful). 

So what do we have to work with so far? Well, I bought these white ice skates at the flea market back in August, so we've got those. I also have the gold and white greek key china from the thrift store, and I'll probably re-use the champagne chargers from last year's pear tablescape.

My mom has a red houndstooth rug we can place under the table, and she's going to let me borrow two of her oversize hurricane candle holders that look like this:


Very equestrian with the leather straps, right? That particular version from Arteriors is called the Kennedy Large Hurricane, and it doesn't get much preppier than Kennedy! I feel like we're on the right track for the "preppy equestrian" theme. 

My mom also volunteered a very preppy plaid throw blanket and some black and white checked napkins. She sent me this cell phone photo to show me what she had:

Not the best picture quality, but you get the idea. 

Can you see it coming together? I'm thinking two big hurricane candles (perhaps filled with bright red cranberries like this), some beautiful red poinsettias, the throw blanket, checked napkins with DIY napkin rings (maybe rope or leather) and some DIY name cards that look like equestrian ribbons (like this). Then we'll add the holiday touches with greenery, candlelight, etc. I think it will be really pretty if we can pull it off! 

The good news is that between the stuff I already have and the things my mom will let me borrow for the event, I may only have to buy the fresh plants! That's what I'm talking about! A rich-looking tablescape that doesn't break the bank? I'm all about that.

I really wanted to stumble upon a vintage trophy cup at the flea market this past weekend, but no such luck. I looked all over and couldn't find one. A quick Ebay search revealed that the ones I like are way too pricey, and ironically one was formally used as a display in a Ralph Lauren store. I guess we do have the Ralph Lauren vibe going with all these preppy neutrals and sporty motifs! 

Now that you know the look I'm going for, do you have any ideas we could use for the table? I've got about three weeks to pull this together, so there is time for DIY work and special touches. I love these tablescape events and can't wait to see it all come together!

* Ready for the holidays already! *

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