Holiday Inspiration: Window Shopping at Wisteria

First off, I hope you and yours had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Have you had your fill of turkey and pumpkin pie? I've had enough turkey sandwiches to last me awhile, that's for sure.

Are you a Black Friday shopper? I'm one of the crazy ones who actually enjoys the frenzy and excitement (to a point- I don't enjoy the grumpy shoppers or lack of parking spots). We went to a midnight shopping event at our local mall and picked up a few bargains, but we were home by 2 a.m. Then we slept in and went shopping on Friday afternoon when the crowds had subsided.

My parents were in town, and my mom wanted to go to Wisteria. Of course I didn't argue because I absolutely love Wisteria despite the fact that I can't really afford anything in the store (unless it's an item from their Flea Market sale, like this or this.)

Anyway, Wisteria is decorated so beautifully for the holidays. You don't have the luxury of visiting the Wisteria store in person unless you live in the Dallas area, so I thought I'd snap some iPhone pictures of the gorgeous holiday vignettes. Decorating inspiration abounds!

When you first walk into the store, you're greeted with a huge wooden elephant inside a colorful winter wonderland. Here's a simple idea you can steal from this: spray paint a huge branch with gold or silver, and add glitter for a little extra shimmer. I loved the oversized ornaments hanging from the ceiling and the gorgeous white lights behind the muslin fabric on the walls. The whole room had such a lovely glow.


Here's a traditional fireplace vignette with a forest green and gold color scheme.

I loved the presents wrapped in kraft paper and tied with purple bows.

The boxwood wreaths in the china cabinet are so classic and beautiful. You can't go wrong with boxwood!

Lavender is a very unexpected holiday color, but it looks great with the white and gold tablescape in this vignette.

The gold chargers that looked like crowns were pretty unique. They are part of the Fra Angelico line that Wisteria has right now, inspired by the Renaissance.

This corner of the store was decked out in a coastal theme. The tree was decorated with starfish ornaments and touches of silver and turquoise.

The next area of the store had a bit of a mountain lodge feel, with large stuffed polar bears and a huge moose. It was super cozy and charming. Check out those cool metal star wreaths on the cedar wall!

How charming is this felted nativity? I love that shaggy sheep! I could see kids having way too much fun with this set.

These chartreuse  ornaments were a nice twist on the traditional holiday green, and I love that boxwood.

I was inspired by these Nesting Felt Trees to create my own version at a friendlier price point. That tutorial is coming later this week! I made them yesterday and really love how they came out.

I should be clear that Wisteria didn't sponsor this post and has no clue I would blog about them– I'm just a random shopper with her iPhone! :)

In between shopping trips and stuffing my face with turkey, I managed to get all of our Christmas decorations up. I also finalized my plans for the holiday tablescape event at my church this Thursday, so I can't wait to share my table decor with you. It's completely different from last year's pear green and gold tablescape, although I loved that one, too.

The husband worked hard on his honey-do list last week, installing a new ceiling fan and two hallway lights, along with a new wrought-iron garden fence. The new hallway lights led to a different arrangement of the gallery wall, so I'll be sharing those details on the blog.

I've also got a *free photo canvas giveaway* (yay!) coming from Printcopia later this week, so make sure to check back. I'm thinking it would be a pretty great Christmas present for someone on your list!

* Hooray for the holidays! *

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